Chapter SEVENTEEN. Domain Name System (DNS)

Chapter Syllabus

  • 17.1 Configuring a Master Name Server

  • 17.2 Configuring Additional Backup Slave and Caching-Only Name Servers

  • 17.3 Delegating Authority to a Subdomain Including DNS Forwarders

  • 17.4 Configuring DNS to Accept Automatic Updates from a DHCP Server

  • 17.5 Dynamic DNS Server Updates and TSIG Authentication

The DNS is said to be the glue of the Internet. In layman's terms, that normally means converting a hostname into an IP address or an IP address into a hostname. With this IP address, we can then kick the entire IP software into action. Are we talking to a local network and looking up our ARP cache, or do we need to communicate with a remote network and need to know the address of a local router ...

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