Chapter EIGHTEEN. Network Time Protocol

Chapter Syllabus

  • 18.1 What Time Is It?

  • 18.2 Choosing a Time Source

  • 18.3 Stratum Levels and Timeservers

  • 18.4 The Role of the NTP Software

  • 18.5 Analyzing Different Time Sources

  • 18.6 Setting Up the NTP Daemons

  • 18.7 NTP Server Relationships

  • 18.8 An Unlikely Server: A Local Clock Impersonator

  • 18.9 An NTP Polling Client

  • 18.10 An NTP Broadcast Client

  • 18.11 Other Points Relating to NTP

Most servers these days participate in some form of resource sharing, be it files, printers, or application data. Part of that process is some form of monitoring or logging of transactions. It is a good idea if all machines on the network have the same notion of what the current time is so that the timestamp associated with transactions is consistent ...

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