Chapter TWENTY. Common Internet Filesystem (CIFS/9000)

Chapter Syllabus

  • 20.1 CIFS, SMB, and SAMBA

  • 20.2 CIFS Client or Server: You Need the Software

  • 20.3 CIFS Server Configuration

  • 20.4 CIFS Client Configuration

  • 20.5 NTLM: Using a Windows Server to Perform Authentication and Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)

CIFS/9000 is the software we use on HP-UX to share files and printers with Windows (and OS/2) based servers using the underlying protocol that Windows uses for browsing—Server Message Blocks (SMB). To many UNIX administrators, the thought of working hand-in-hand with a Windows server is something akin to sacrilege. Regardless of your view of Windows, everyone has to admit that the prevalence of Windows on the desktop is nothing short of amazing. ...

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