Chapter TWENTY THREE. Other Network Technologies

Chapter Syllabus

  • 23.1 WAN Solutions: Frame Relay and ATM

  • 23.2 An Introduction to Fibre Channel, DWDM, and Extended Fabrics

  • 23.3 Virtual LAN (VLAN)

  • 23.4 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Networking is a huge subject covering everything from a simple point-to-point serial connection to wide area networks spanning the globe. We can't possibly cover every technology in this one book. In HP-UX arenas, we traditionally focus on local to metropolitan networks. Beyond that, we talk to those guys with their heads stuck down a cabling duct who tells us where to plug in our RJ-45 connector. Our data disappears into that elusive big fluffy-cloud that network engineers love to draw to represent wide area networks. This ...

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