The animal on the cover of HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps is the cornetfish of the genus Fistularia. Because of its long and thin shape, it is also called the flutemouth, tabacco pipe fish, and the rifle fish. There are four species of cornetfish, which can be found in the Atlantic, western Pacific, and Indian oceans. They thrive in coral reefs, coastal waters, sea grasses, and sand flats.

The cornetfish is a thin fish with a long snout and small mouth. They can grow up to 200 centimeters in length. It has a distinct filament near the end of the backbone that also contributes to its length. They feed on other fish, small crustaceans, and invertebrates.

The cover image is from Wood’s Animate Creations. The cover font is Adobe ITC Garamond. The text font is Minion Pro by Robert Slimbach; the heading font is Myriad Pro by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly; and the code font is UbuntuMono by Dalton Maag.

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