Changing the ViewPort Property of the Image

We can change the ViewPort property of the drawn image by modifying the viewPortWidth and viewPortHeight values. Example 4-12 shows the image drawn into a 200×200 window, using the same pixels as the 400×400 copy from Example 4-11. Essentially, this scales the image copy down to fit in a smaller space but uses the same source pixels:

var viewPortWidth=200;
var viewPortHeight=200;

Example 4-12 contains these simple changes.

Example 4-12. Changing scale with ViewPort properties

var photo=new Image();
photo.addEventListener('load', eventPhotoLoaded , false);

var windowWidth=500;
var windowHeight=500;
var viewPortWidth=200;
var viewPortHeight=200;

var windowX=0;
var windowY=0;

function eventPhotoLoaded() {

function drawScreen(){
        context.drawImage(photo, windowX, windowY,windowWidth,windowHeight,

When you test Example 4-12, you will see the exact same portion of the image copied into a smaller part of the canvas. Figure 4-13 shows an example of this scaled viewport window.

An image in a small logical window

Figure 4-13. An image in a small logical window

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