Space Raiders Game Structure

Space Raiders is an iconic action game where a swarm of alien invaders attack from the top of the screen, and the player’s job is to defend the world. The raiders move in horizontal lines near the top of the screen. When each raider reaches the side of the playfield, it moves down the screen and then switches direction.

The player controls a spaceship by moving the mouse and fires missiles using the left mouse button. We need to play a “shoot” sound every time the player fires a missile. When the missiles hit the enemy space raiders, we need to remove them from the screen and then play an “explosion” sound. We are not limiting the number of shots the player can fire, which means that there could be any number of shoot and explode sounds playing simultaneously. Our goal is to manage all these dynamic sounds.

State machine

This game runs using a very simple state machine. A state machine is a construct that allows an application to exist in only one state at a time, which means it is only doing one thing. This kind of construct is great for single-player games because it removes the need to hold a bunch of Booleans describing what is going on at any one moment.

Space Raiders has four states plus a variable named appState that holds the value of the current state. Those states include:


A state to set up the loading of assets:

var STATE_INIT = 10;

A wait state that has the application sleep until all assets have been loaded:


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