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HTML5 Mobile Websites

Book Description

Build HTML5-powered mobile web experiences with the aid of development frameworks that speed the development of Native App-like experiences. Build on your foundation of HTML and JavaScript with a complete understanding of the different mobile Web browser technologies. You get carefully detailed techniques that are illustrated in full color so you can leverage the Web technologies unique to each mobile browser, apply frameworks such as Sencha Touch to rapidly build out your designs, and design techniques expressly suited for tablet devices. Projects provide hands-on practice and code is provided on the companion website, www.visualizetheweb.com.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Author’s Note
  8. Section 1
    1. Article 1: Building Websites with HTML5 to Work with Mobile Phones
      1. Designing for the Mobile Web
      2. HTML5 in Mobile Websites
      3. Using CSS3
      4. Graphical Control with Bitmap, SVG, and CANVAS Elements
      5. Adding Video to Your Web Pages
      6. Applying New Web API Functionality to Your Mobile Web Pages
      7. Developing for Specific Mobile Browsers
      8. Developing Websites for the Rest
      9. Tablet Development
      10. Summary
    2. Project: Developing Your First Mobile Website
      1. What You Will Need
      2. Setting Up Your Project
      3. Customizing the HEADER Element
      4. Customizing the Main SECTION Element
      5. Customizing the FOOTER Element
      6. Creating the Home Page for the Website
      7. Adding a News Page That Uses the TIME and ASIDE Elements
      8. Creating a Contact Us Page That Uses the New Form Input Attributes
      9. Summary
  9. Section 2
    1. Article 2: Developing Websites with jQuery Mobile
      1. Progressive Enhancement
      2. What Is jQuery?
      3. Going beyond the Core of jQuery
      4. Developing Websites Using jQuery Mobile
      5. Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
      6. Working with Components
      7. Gesture-Driven Events
      8. Extending jQuery Mobile with Plug-ins and Custom JavaScript
      9. Extending jQuery Mobile with Custom Themes
      10. Converting Your jQuery Website into an App Using PhoneGap
      11. Keeping Up to Date on the Latest News and Getting Involved
      12. Beyond Alpha
    2. Project: Building A Mobile Website Using jQuery Mobile
      1. What You Will Need
      2. Setting Up jQuery Mobile
      3. Pulling in Dynamic Data
      4. Summary
  10. Section 3
    1. Article 3: Working with jqTouch to Build Websites on Top of jQuery
      1. Rapidly Building iPhone Apps without Learning Objective-C
      2. Converting HTML into an iPhone App
      3. Adding Animation
      4. Some Little Extras
      5. Summary
    2. Project: Building A Website With jQTouch
      1. What You Will Need
      2. Setting Up Your jQTouch Project
      3. Summary
  11. Section 4
    1. Article 4: Using Sencha Touch to Build a Mobile Website
      1. Getting Started with Sencha Touch
      2. Creating Your First Sencha Touch Page
      3. Working with User Interface Elements in Sencha Touch
      4. Summary
    2. Project: Building A Web Application With Sencha Touch
      1. What You Will Need
      2. Setting Up Your Sencha Touch Project: First, the HTML
      3. Second: Custom CSS
      4. Third: The JavaScript
      5. Summary
  12. Section 5
    1. Article 5: Converting Websites into Native Apps Using PhoneGap
      1. Working with PhoneGap
      2. Setting Up a PhoneGap Project for iOS Devices
      3. Extending PhoneGap with Plug-ins
      4. Extending PhoneGap with Custom Code
      5. Packaging Your App for the iTunes App Store
      6. Using iTunes Connect to Publish Your App
      7. Using Dreamweaver CS5.5 to Build Your PhoneGap Projects
      8. Using PhoneGap Build to Create BlackBerry and Windows Phone Apps
      9. Summary
    2. Project: Building A Native iOS App With PhoneGap
      1. What You Will Need
      2. Setting Up Your Web Files for the Project
      3. Using PhoneGap Build
      4. Building Your Application
      5. Submitting to the App Stores
      6. Making Money!
      7. Summary
  13. Section 6
    1. Article 6: Creating Websites for iPad and Android Honeycomb Tablets
      1. What Makes a Tablet a Unique User Experience?
      2. Elements of the Tablet Experience: Sidebars, Pop-overs, and Touch Interfaces
      3. Using Sencha Touch for Tablet Creation
      4. Using jQuery Mobile to Build Websites Optimized for Tablets
      5. Building for the Future: CSS Regions
      6. Summary
    2. Project: Developing Solutions For Tablets
      1. What You Will Need
      2. Setting Up Your Project
      3. Controlling Themes
      4. Editing Swatches
      5. Changing the Visual Elements
      6. Coming Soon: ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile
      7. Summary
  14. Index