Chapter 3

Integrating HTML5 and JavaScript

In This Chapter

arrow Performing simple output tasks

arrow Understanding the format of JavaScript statements

arrow Creating JavaScript comments to document your code

arrow Alerting users to the need to turn on JavaScript support

The previous two chapters introduce you to JavaScript and the tools needed to work with it, but they don’t really discuss JavaScript as a language. Now that you have a better idea of what JavaScript can do, how you can interact with it, and why you want to use it, it’s time to start working with the language. This chapter provides you with some introductory information about JavaScript that you need in order to begin working with the language in earnest. These introductory topics make it possible for you to perform tasks such as creating output with your JavaScript applications so that you can see the result of the code you create.

Part of working with JavaScript is understanding how JavaScript statements work. A statement is simply a request for the JavaScript interpreter to do something. It’s a command. You tell JavaScript what to do ...

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