Chapter 14

Enhancing HTML5 Forms with JavaScript

In This Chapter

arrow Reviewing special HTML5 form features

arrow Interacting with form elements

arrow Performing validation checks on forms

So far the book has discussed forms in general. The form examples rely on the modern features that JavaScript supports, but they could have been any form from any of the newer versions of HTML. This chapter is different. Instead of looking at forms in general, you encounter forms specifically designed for use in an HTML5 environment.

remember.eps Many people think newer is better. However, that isn’t always the case. This chapter presents a tradeoff. Yes, you get to use the new features that HTML5 provides to create robust applications that require less coding on your part. The new features that HTML5 supports make it easier to create applications that work consistently across platforms and browsers. The tradeoff is that these applications won’t run on older browsers that don’t support HTML5 (many of these older browsers don’t even support the version of HTML in existence at the time they were created). The applications may ...

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