Chapter 18

Making JavaScript Easier with jQuery

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the jQuery library

arrow Working with the Google CDN

arrow Performing standard programming tasks with jQuery

arrow Creating event handlers using jQuery

Most of the applications in previous chapters of the book use straightforward JavaScript coding techniques. You write all the code required to perform a particular task. Writing your own code is a good way to figure out precisely how JavaScript works. Of course, it’s also time consuming and error prone. The need to produce error-free applications quickly has created a demand for third-party libraries of common routines — code that a lot of developers need. jQuery is just one of many such libraries.

The reason that jQuery appears in this chapter is that it’s one of the most used libraries for Web applications. In addition, you can use it without cost. That makes jQuery a good first choice for libraries. The first section of this chapter describes jQuery in further detail.

Previous examples in the book load jQuery directly from the jQuery site, which is a great idea if you ...

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