Discretionary Benefits

Health care employers recognize that to be competitive they need to offer discretionary benefits—additional benefits beyond those mandated by law. Research indicates that integrated benefits programs lead to increased productivity, decrease turnover, increase the effectiveness of recruitment and retention programs, and assist in developing employees' loyalty to the organization (Cayer, 2003; Cayer & Roach, 2008; Champion-Hughes, 2001; Coggburn & Reddick, 2007; Daley, 2008; Durst, 1999; McCurdy, Newman, & Lovrich, 2002; Reddick & Coggburn, 2007; Roberts, 2000, 2002, 2004). Table 11.1 provides a list of some common benefits.

Table 11.1 Employee Benefits

Government Required Benefits Discretionary Benefits
  • Social Security ...

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