Humanise: Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to the 21st Century

Book description

Legendary leaders change the world by putting leadership at the service of humanity

Humanise is a comprehensive look at human-centred leadership, providing insight and guidance for those who want to change the world. A deep examination of the concept of moral leadership, this book examines what it is, how it's acquired, and how it can be applied in business, government, and society. Readers will gain insight into predominant leadership styles exemplified in governments and organizations around the world, and discover the missing pieces that come together to more effectively guide people through challenges and transitions. With a focus on building a solid foundation, a strong moral compass, and deep empathy for others, this book shows you how to be a leader wherever you are, build your leadership capability, and make a positive impact on the world.

We are facing a crisis of leadership. Where are the new Mandelas? What type of person is that? What are their qualities and attributes? Who will lead us into the future? Humanise is a book for people who want to be the very best version of themselves, the best leader they can be, and impact the world for good.

  • Discover a different perspective on the leadership crisis throughout the world

  • Create your own leadership foundation starting with your purpose and principles

  • Turn your personal moral values into a leadership style that will benefit and inspire others

  • Influence the individuals and world around you to become a part of the solution

  • Following in the footsteps of Mandela and Ghandi, this book explains why great leadership is human-centred, and how you can become such a leader, no matter who you are or what position you are in. For those interested in picking up the torch and guiding the way, Humanise provides a roadmap to the version of you you've always wanted to be, and that the world needs you to be.

    Table of contents

    1. About the author
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Preface
    4. Introduction: Discovering Human-Centred Leadership
      1. Two kinds of leadership
      2. Get out and see the future
    5. PART I The challenge facing human-centred leaders
      1. A framework for future leadership
      2. 1 The future and the future of leadership
        1. Two models for understanding change
        2. A future of unbounded possibility
        3. Five big shifts revealed through a human lens
        4. Notes
      3. 2 Shifts 1–3: Technology
        1. Shift 1: Fragmented and connected
        2. Shift 2: Overwhelmed and underprepared
        3. Shift 3: Always on and never off
        4. Notes
      4. 3 Shift 4: Moral drift
        1. Adrift on a wide, wide sea
        2. Moral drift and the separation of markets and morals
        3. Moral drift and a trust deficit
        4. Moral drift and the abdication of personal responsibility
        5. Notes
      5. 4 Shift 5: The convergence and crossover of ‘man' and machine
        1. Conscious computers?
        2. People are our greatest liability
        3. Homo economicus: the person as a unit of economic production
      6. Time for human-centred leaders
      7. The Journey Map: a model for Parts II and III
        1. Notes
    6. PART II Foundations for human-centred leaders
      1. A map for your life
      2. 5 Becoming the best version of yourself
        1. ‘I want to be a better person …'
        2. A relational anthropology
        3. The four key relationships
        4. Who is in your four circles?
        5. Relationships as the key to navigating systemic challenges
        6. Notes
      3. 6 Foundations of leadership
        1. The influence of upbringing
        2. Leadership starts with being and manifests in doing
        3. Where are you standing?
        4. Notes
      4. 7 In search of Beauty, Goodness and Truth
        1. The pursuit of Beauty, Goodness and Truth
        2. What are Beauty, Goodness and Truth?
        3. Conversion and change
        4. Leadership and the search for Beauty, Goodness and Truth
        5. Notes
      5. 8 Discover your purpose
        1. A conversation about purpose
        2. What will remain standing?
        3. What is your purpose?
      6. 9 A life of virtue
        1. Good habits become virtues
        2. Virtue: acquired through practice
        3. Virtue as a ‘mean'
        4. Do virtues matter today?
        5. Virtues are the foundation for a life of excellence
        6. Virtues and Human-Centred Leadership
        7. Notes
      7. 10 Five virtues for effective leadership
        1. Humility: the leadership virtue
        2. Practical wisdom
        3. Courage
        4. Justice
        5. Self-control
        6. Notes
      8. 11 Making wise decisions: thinking well
        1. Think better to lead better
        2. A model for thinking
        3. The thinking model in practice
        4. Thinking and leadership
        5. Notes
      9. 12 Making wise decisions: choosing well
        1. The subtlety of a gift
        2. Conscience: an inner voice
        3. Formation of conscience
        4. Conscience: certain or doubtful
        5. Conscience: correct or incorrect
        6. Conscience and principles
        7. Conscience and relationships
        8. Notes
      10. 13 Navigating life with a moral compass
        1. A moral compass
        2. ‘Swinging' the compass
        3. Maintaining your moral compass
      11. Where are you standing?
        1. Note
    7. PART III Human-Centred Leadership in action
      1. A map for your leadership journey
      2. 14 Human-Centred Leadership
        1. Puts people first
        2. Integrates the technical and moral
        3. At the nexus of business, government and society
        4. Notes
      3. 15 Lead from where you are
        1. Lead by influence
        2. Lead from where you are
      4. 16 Your organisational purpose
        1. Why does your business exist?
        2. Purpose drives profit
        3. Purpose provides long-term direction
        4. What could the purpose be?
        5. Notes
      5. 17 Leadership at the speed of relationship
        1. Leadership is relationship
        2. The four leadership relationships
        3. Your relationships
        4. Notes
      6. 18 Developing human-centred leaders
        1. People, technical and moral development
        2. You are a role model
        3. The character challenge
        4. Business obligation to form leaders
        5. Notes
      7. 19 Moral reasoning
        1. Stages in moral reasoning
        2. Moral reasoning at national and global levels
        3. Notes
      8. 20 Moral decision making
        1. The moral continuum
        2. Preparing people to face moral dilemmas
        3. Two other dilemmas
        4. How do you make morally sound decisions?
        5. How a human-centred leader resolved a moral dilemma
        6. Notes
    8. Conclusion: Human-Centred Leaders Change the World
      1. It's time
      2. Intersecting trajectories
      3. The hinge of history
      4. Notes
    9. Bibliography
    10. Index
    11. Advert
    12. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Humanise: Why Human-Centred Leadership is the Key to the 21st Century
    • Author(s): Anthony Howard
    • Release date: March 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9780730316640