Strategy 4: Enable Consistent Security Policies Everywhere

As your cloud operations expand to encompass multiple private and public clouds, security challenges can increase exponentially. When the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud survey asked about top cloud challenges, security ranked number one (chosen by 83% of responders). Compliance also ranked high (76%).

This strategy explores why the challenges around security and compliance are growing, and it suggests an approach for simplifying security management for hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Amplifies Security Challenges

As with infrastructure management in general, the default for hybrid cloud security is a siloed approach that increases complexity and risk.

Security Silos

Each cloud has its own security model and tools. To ensure security, you therefore need people on your team skilled in the security tools for each cloud. This gets complicated quickly:

  • With different tools in each cloud, there’s no standard approach to security monitoring or remediation.

  • With no global view of security across your hybrid cloud environment, applying the same security policies everywhere is a manual process.

  • Changing security policies globally becomes complicated and error-prone.

Increased Compliance Demands

The lines between security and compliance can sometimes seem blurry, so it’s useful to think of security as internally driven, based on your organization’s own assessment of its digital protection needs. Compliance, on the other hand, is ...

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