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Hybrid Operational Management with Azure

Video Description

Develop, manage, and secure your on-premise and cloud services with Azure.

About This Video

  • Leverage Microsoft Azure’s services for efficient hybrid cloud management with Operations Management Suite
  • Your one-stop guide to advance your skills in hybrid cloud management with Azure
  • Hands-on tutorials that put theory into practice to get a better understanding of cloud development and management

In Detail

Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite provides you with management services that allow you to efficiently manage your on-premises and cloud resources and quickly set up your hybrid cloud with minimal investment using Azure. This video tutorial will enable you to leverage the different hybrid solutions using Azure to build your own fully functional hybrid Azure cloud.

In this course you’ll explore different hybrid solutions using Azure, learn to simplify your cloud deployment with Azure stack, and host resources on the cloud with Microsoft OMS. You’ll dive into OMS recovery services, work with different Azure Backup policies and types, and also disaster recovery with Azure Site Recovery. You’ll work with OMS Automation and Configuration Management, and automate and run your cloud with the help of Azure Automation runbooks.

Then you’ll learn to analyze your project logs and report any failures with the help of different custom logging and alert management solutions. Finally, you’ll get ready to set up, manage, and monitor your hybrid cloud’s performance with Microsoft Azure and Operations Management Suite.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to utilize Azure’s services to set up an effective and efficient hybrid cloud management with Operations Management Suite.