Chapter 12

Fungi and Bacteria

Less than 1% [O2] is required to substantially inhibit the growth of obligate aerobic and microaerophilic bacteria, and air’s O2 content must be reduced below 1%, and often to <0.2% before growth of most fungi is strongly inhibited. Anoxia prevents or inhibits mold growth, but does not kill fungal spores, and vegetative cells are able to renew their growth when O2 is reintroduced. CA and MA usually cannot prevent decay by lowering [O2] because at atmospheric pressure <1–2% [O2] causes low-[O2] injury to most types of plant matter, and fungal growth inhibition seldom reaches 50% at the CO2 concentrations tolerated by most types of plant matter. A direct growth inhibition of disease organisms by MA packaging or with ...

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