IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals

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Your essential training for authoring professional reports that meet business demands

About This Video

  • Understand the fundamentals and architecture of Cognos 10 Report Studio to become proficient with the tool

  • Move on from simple to advanced techniques by watching purely example -driven videos that peek into the best practices used in the industry

  • Overcome tool-based limitations by achieving speedy and effortless report development

  • Rewind, replay, and practice the techniques yourself using our downloadable examples

  • Suitable for most versions of Report Studio (v8.2, v8.4 and v10.x)

  • In Detail

    IBM Cognos Report Studio is a powerful web-based business report writing tool. It gives you a simple drag-n-drop interface to quickly create data-based reports without worrying about how it connects to the database and pulls data. This course exposes you to the unlimited possibilities of extending your simple business reports to advanced levels using HTML & JavaScript and Macros.

    "IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals" covers the basic and advanced features of report authoring. It helps you understand and use all the features provided by Report Studio to generate impressive deliverables to take you from being a beginner to a professional report author. Develop excellent reports using dimensional data sources by following best practices in this course.

    Starting with an overview of high-level architecture and installation of Cognos 10 Report Studio , you will progress from building simple to advanced List and Crosstab reports and much more. Each topic is shown with working examples, in a clear and concise way to enable you to quickly grasp and practice these.

    You will see how to add data formatting, conditional layouts, and filters to your reports to use them effectively. You define how to format numbers, present data into charts or matrix, and link the reports together. You will learn how to stay in control by examining underlying queries and pick up best practices like using layout component references, templates and code comments.

    In short, Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals will help you get the best out of Cognos 10 Report Studio. The main focus is on the practical use of various powerful features that Report Studio has to offer to suit your business requirements and enable you to start building professional reports on your own.

    Table of contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Installation, Configuration, and Architecture of Cognos 10 BI
      1. Downloading Cognos Installer 00:02:03
      2. Installing Cognos 10 BI Developer Edition 00:03:29
      3. Components and Architecture of Cognos 10 BI 00:03:16
      4. Cognos Configuration and Starting Services 00:04:04
      5. Connection Portal 00:03:58
    2. Chapter 2 : Creating Simple and Advanced List Reports
      1. Creating a Simple List Report 00:03:21
      2. Adding Data Formatting, Grouping, and Sorting Features 00:03:32
      3. Applying Simple to Advanced Conditional Styles 00:02:50
      4. Adding Page Breaks by Creating Sections 00:02:32
      5. Examining Query Subjects and the Generated SQL 00:02:11
    3. Chapter 3 : Filters, Prompts, and Calculations
      1. Adding Custom Calculations to a List 00:02:47
      2. Filtering Data Using Detailed Filters 00:01:45
      3. Parameterizing the Filter and Adding Prompts 00:02:45
      4. Adding Query-driven Value Prompts 00:03:40
      5. Changing the Prompt's Display Value in the Prompt Page 00:04:24
    4. Chpater 4 : Creating Simple to Advanced Crosstab Reports
      1. Using Crosstab Reports to Show Orders against Cities and Products 00:04:23
      2. Adding Crosstab Totals (Summary), Zero Suppression, and Date Range Prompts 00:03:50
      3. Adding Additional Levels and Measures by Nesting Rows or Columns 00:03:17
      4. Discontinuous Crosstab 00:03:12
      5. Overriding Cell Contents 00:04:21
    5. Chapter 5 : Using Graphs for Visual Presentation
      1. Creating a Simple Chart Showing Sales over Countries and Product Lines 00:02:57
      2. Projecting Multiple Measures on Charts and Other Refinements 00:04:03
      3. Nesting Items in a Chart, Filtering, and Some More Properties 00:04:46
      4. Chart inside a list & Master-Detailed Relationship 00:04:04
      5. Enable Chart Properties and Create a 3D Bubble Chart 00:04:32
    6. Chapter 6 : Drill Through From a List Report to Another List Report
      1. Creating a Drill-through from a List Report to Another 00:04:54
      2. Passing Multiple Parameters in Drill-through: From a Chart to a List 00:04:53
      3. Enabling Drill Up and Drill Down in Dimensional Models 00:04:50
      4. Drill Through to Itself to Mimic Exporting to Excel or PDF 00:03:36
      5. Conditional Drill-through Definitions 00:04:04
    7. Chapter 7 : Unleash the Power of Cognos with Macros, HTML items, and JavaScripts
      1. Dynamically Changing Report Columns Using Macro Functions 00:06:25
      2. Creating an E-mail Link Using an HTML Item 00:03:28
      3. Linking to Google Maps Using the HYPERLINK Object 00:02:36
      4. Using JavaScript to Manipulate a Value Prompt 00:03:52
      5. Using JavaScript to Show or Hide Prompt Controls 00:03:49
    8. Chapter 8 : Best Practices and Tricks
      1. Reusing Objects and Reducing Maintenance 00:04:54
      2. Creating Report Templates 00:04:27
      3. Horizontal Pagination and PDF Page Sizing 00:03:08
      4. Displaying a NO DATA message 00:01:58
      5. Adding Code Comments into Reports 00:02:56
      6. Copying Reports and Version Controlling 00:03:41

    Product information

    • Title: IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2013
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781849689281