Example: ABC Company

To illustrate the concepts discussed in this book, we will use a simple Profit and Loss model of our fictitious company, ABC Company. This model makes use of the common Analyst objects and functions that are important in the subsequent chapters. It will also be the template upon which we will build the Contributor web application. You can download this model from Packt Publishing's web site, http://www.packtpub.com/files/code/6842_Code.zip. The following are details of the company.

  • Employees: 4,000
  • Expense Departments: 1,100
  • Products: 350
  • Planning Cycle: Yearly budget
  • Planning approach: Bottom up
  • Number of Planners: 35 planners across the United States
  • Fiscal Period: Calendar
  • Model Requirements: In May 2009, the Director of ABC Company's ...

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