Preface xxv
Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project:
Rich Conway
Bob Haimowitz
Roger Kolp
Deanna Polm
Sangam Racherla
International Technical Support Organization
Brian Baggett
Patrick Bossman
Frank Bower
Jay Bruce
Chih-jieh Chang
Gene Fuh
Dengfeng Gao
Nick Gariaeff
James Guo
Arno Huang
Illong Huang
Bruce McAlister
Paul McWilliams
David Moy
Adarsh Pannu
Terry Purcell
Dave Raiman
Ya n St e i n
Yoichi Tsuji
Dan Weis
Ping Yu
IBM Silicon Valley Lab
Dong Sheng Chen
Qing Li
Jun Liu
Wei Qin
Kun Peng Ren
Tai Wei Shi
Qiang Song
Fang Xing
Kang Xu
Xiao Yi Wang
Xin Yu Wang
Shuo Wu
Zhuo Zhang
IBM China Software Development Lab
Rick Butler
Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group, Toronto
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