92 DB2 9 for z/OS: New Tools for Query Optimization
Figure 3-7 Optimization Service Center install - Successful install window
8. To verify the version installed, click the Help drop down and click About OSC. In this
example, notice that Optimization Service Center with Fix Pack 1 is the current version
installed (Figure 3-8).
Figure 3-8 Optimization Service Center install - Successful install window
3.5 Performing a silent install
You can install Optimization Service Center on multiple workstations without being prompted
for parameters on panels. This installation method called a
silent install. The user can
Chapter 3. Installing Optimization Service Center 93
download Optimization Service Center or push down to perform the silent install. As in a
traditional install, hardware, software, and authority requirements must be in place prior to the
install. This includes administrator privileges on each workstation.
To perform a silent install:
1. Download Optimization Service Center from one of the methods above to each
workstation: from CD, post SMP/E, or Web download.
2. Extract the Optimization Service Center files into a temporary folder.
3. response.txt is one of the files used. You can edit this txt file to change the location of the
installation package. The default installation directory is:
c:\Program Files\IBM\OSC\
As an example, you might want to change response.txt to point to a different path, in this
case, MyOSC:
-P c:\MyOSC
4. On each workstation, execute silent.bat. A DOS command prompt opens to execute the
install. The result is a successful install.
5. To launch Optimization Service Center from your Windows desktop, click Start All
Programs IBM Optimization Service Center for DB2 for z/OS Optimization
Service Center. Optimization Service Center opens, and the Welcome page displays.
Note: Optimization Service Center requires that its software is downloaded and
installed on the client’s workstation. The install cannot use middleware for download
and install purposes.
94 DB2 9 for z/OS: New Tools for Query Optimization

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