Chapter 5. Log analysis 101
5.3.1 Which interface is better
You can make the decision of whether to use the graphical log analysis tool or
the command line db2la tool based on your personal preference. However, each
interface has its advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage of the graphical interface is that it is easy to use. However, its
disadvantage is that you can only generate undo or redo SQL per transaction or
unit of work and per table.
The advantage of the command line interface is that if you create a general
report based on a time period you can then produce undo or redo SQL for all
transactions on one table, a list of tables, or one table space in that time period
all in one file. With db2la, there is also the option of using LOCK TABLE when
undoing SQL.
5.4 Performing remote log analysis
With DB2 Recovery Expert V2, there is new functionality that allows you to
perform log analysis remotely. Remote log analysis is very useful when your
production database server is used heavily and when you do not wish to put
more load on it by installing new tools and applications. You can run reports
remotely and create undo and redo SQL from a remote system. You can then run
this SQL on your production server, thereby minimizing the amount of processing
that has to be done on production server.
5.4.1 Prerequisites for remote log analysis
To do remote log analysis, the following prerequisites must be met:
򐂰 The computer where log analysis will be performed and DB2 database server
computer must have the same operating system and the same DB2 fix pack
򐂰 The DB2 client must be installed on the same computer as DB2 RE.
򐂰 Required log files and backups must be available locally on the server where
you perform log analysis.
򐂰 The database and node must be cataloged from the remote computer. See
5.4.2, “Cataloging a remote node and database” on page 102 for details.

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