Chapter 8. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System p 105
8.2.4 Maintenance
Electronic Service Agent has several operational user interface views (ASCII and GUI) that
you can access from the SMIT menu. These views include Select Problem Determination,
Service Agent, and Select Service Agent User Interface, which is shown in Figure 8-6.
Figure 8-6 SMIT menu: Select Service Agent User Interface
The basic menu
When you select the basic menu GUI (shown in Figure 8-7 on page 106), you see several
fields for customer contact information when you are using the GUI for the first time. Fields
with exclamation marks (!) are mandatory and must be completed for the machine location.
IBM communicates with your company and location based on the information in these fields.
Incomplete or inaccurate information delays responses from IBM.
The select list located on the left side contains fields that are completed as you proceed
through a guided process. Help for each of these selections is provided in the upper right side
of the view. The lower right side of the view contains the specific fields within each selection.
When you complete the eService Information field with your IBM ID, your ID is authorized to
view Service Agent information on the Electronic Services Web site and use the information
in the Premium Search queries.
106 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
Figure 8-7 Service Agent for System p basic main menu
Chapter 8. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System p 107
The Call Log (shown in Figure 8-8) displays the results of connections and transmissions to
IBM. By viewing this log during the dialing or initial phase of a connection, you see real-time
updates being logged. When a connection is made and requests are transmitted, a summary
count of the request types and whether they were transmitted successfully are logged. The
summary counts overlay the description entries made during the connection phase.
Figure 8-8 Service Agent for System p basic menu Call Log view
The other selections, such as the various logs and connection view, that are in the left
navigation bar are used in activation or maintenance tasks.
108 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
Advanced menu
The advanced menu (shown in Figure 8-9) provides selections that handle the complex
system configuration steps and maintenance tasks. Sample tasks include:
򐂰 Adding SP nodes to 9076 cws
򐂰 Setting thresholds, filters, and alerts
򐂰 Using manual tools for testing and sending information to IBM
򐂰 Purging information
򐂰 Viewing real-time monitoring of code clients and alerts
Figure 8-9 pService Agent advanced menu
For more information under each properties folder, you use the four symbols on the upper left
side, as shown in Figure 8-10.
Figure 8-10 System p Service Agent advanced menu: Property symbols
View Error
Licensing Info
Internal Errors
Chapter 8. IBM Electronic Service Agent for System p 109
For example, when you select Network properties, the View Licensing Info icon displays the
licensing, Heartbeat status (green flag or red X), and lock status (red X) on all monitored
machines as shown in Figure 8-11.
Figure 8-11 System p Service Agent advanced menu: Expanded sample

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