140 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
10.3 HMC activation
To activate the HMC Service Agent, follow these steps:
1. Log on as
2. The HMC menu (shown in Figure 10-7) opens. In the Views pane, select Console
3. Now the HMC menu displays options in the Console Actions Work Area. The Console
Actions Work Area is shown in Figure 10-7. Select Hardware Management Console
Figure 10-7 HMC Workplace™
4. A pop-up window opens on the HMC menu and displays an IP address. Record the
address. You need this address to complete a field in the Service Agent collection
attributes. Then click the upper left corner and select Close to close this pop-up window.
5. In the Console Actions Work Area in Figure 10-7, select Enable Electronic Service
Agent for zSeries®.
6. The Service Agent License Agreement window shows in Figure 10-8 on page 141. To
continue with the Service Agent activation process, page through the agreement and
select I AGREE.
Clarification: The following steps are for Service Agent processes. These steps do not
have any relationship to the focal point HMC that reports errors on processors.
Chapter 10. Service Agent for the Hardware Management Console 141
Figure 10-8 Service Agent for System z: License Agreement window
7. In the next window (shown in Figure 10-9), client contact information is used to register
this HMC with Service Agent and IBM. IBM uses this information to communicate
regarding service requests. Change or correct any of the client information as necessary.
Click Continue.
Figure 10-9 Service Agent for System z: Updating client information
142 IBM Electronic Services: Support using Automation and Web Tools
8. In the next window (shown in Figure 10-10), you enable or disable subsections of the
Service Agent, and you set the FTP password that is used by the OS/390® software to
send information to the HMC. Select the types of data that you want collected and
forwarded to IBM. Enter an FTP password, which you also must enter into the OS/390
software. Click Continue when you are finished.
Figure 10-10 Service Agent for System z: Enabling or disabling the types of data to send to IBM
9. In the next window, select the time of day for the daily transmission of the inventory
information that is sent to IBM. Click Finish to complete the configuration process and to
store the data within the HMC.
10.The HMC sends the automatic registration transaction to IBM. You must complete this
transaction before IBM can accept any problem data or inventory transactions.
11.Add a step in the EREP JCL job to run and capture Service Agent data.
12.Create started task IDs and started task entries in the STARTED RACF® class for
HESRDLOG using the supplied sample job.
13.Configure Service Agent by editing the dataset hlq.HESPARMS. Change the HMC IP
address and HMC FTP password to match that of your installation.
14.Start the hardware collection. Start the HESRDLOG procedure in the SYS1.PROCLIB
15.Enable a scheduled collection for the data types of your choice.
16.Enable the collection and reporting for software data, performance data, or both.
Now, you have activated the HMC for Service Agent.

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