522 IBM Eserver Certification Study Guide: Cluster 1600 Managed by PSSP
A.1 Hardware validation and software configuration
Answers to questions in 2.17, “Sample questions” on page 96, are as follows:
Question 1 - The answer is B. Although primary backup nodes are
recommended for high availability, it is not a requirement for switch functionality
or for the SP Switch router node. In the event of a failure in the primary node, the
backup node can take over the primary duties so that new switch faults can
continue being processed. For more information on this, refer to 2.4, “Dependent
nodes” on page 33.
Question 2 - The answer is B. The two switch technologies (SP Switch and
SP Switch2) are not compatible. Both Switch technologies are still supported in
PSSP 3.5 with AIX 5L 5.1 or 5.2, but only one can be used.
Question 3 - The answer is A. PSSP 3.5 requires AIX 5L 5.1 or later.
Question 4 - The answer is A. The new PCI thin nodes (both PowerPC and
POWER3 versions) have two PCI slots available for additional adapters. The
Ethernet and SCSI adapters are integrated. The switch adapter uses a special
MX (mezzanine bus) adapter (MX2 for the POWER3 based nodes). For more
information, refer to 2.3.1, “Internal nodes” on page 19.
Question 5 - The answer is A. The SP-attached server M/T 7040 p690 is
controlled by the HMC, so only the connection between HMC and CWS is used
for the control. The connections between HMC and p690 server include an
RS-232 connection to the I/O Book of the server and the ethernet connection. No
RS-232 connection between HMC and CWS, or p690 and CWS, exists.
Question 6 - The answer is B. The CWS acts as a boot/install server for other
servers in the RS/6000 SP system. In addition, the control workstation can be set
up as an authentication server using Kerberos. As an alternative, the control
workstation can be set up as a Kerberos secondary server with a backup
database to perform ticket-granting service.
Question 7 - The answer is B. For more information, refer to section 2.5.2,
“Control workstation minimum hardware requirements” on page 39.
Question 8 - The answer is B. The M/T 7040 needs just a supported ethernet
adapter installed in each LPAR. It is not required to be en0. M/T 7017 and M/T
7026 use an ethernet adapter installed in a specific slot, but it has to be en0. M/T
7039 and M/T 7028 use the integrated ethernet port but also do not require en0.
Refer to 2.11, “Network connectivity adapters” on page 68.
Question 9 - The answer is C. Only four more LPARs can be configured when
12 are configured already. The limit for a p690/p690+ server is 16 LPARs when

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