84 IBM Eserver xSeries 455 Planning and Installation Guide
Additional information on the entire range of FAStT storage solutions can be
found at:
Enterprise Storage Server (ESS)
ESS provides integrated caching and RAID support for the attached disk devices.
ESS can be configured in a variety of ways to provide scalability in capacity and
performance. One ESS can support in excess of 28 TB and can utilize 2 Gbps
Fibre Channel connectivity.
Redundancy within ESS provides continuous availability. It is packaged in one or
more enclosures, each with dual line cords and redundant power. The redundant
power system allows ESS to continue normal operation when one of the line
cords is deactivated.
ESS provides an image of a set of logical disk devices to attached servers. The
logical devices are configured to emulate disk device types that are compatible
with the attached servers. The logical devices access a logical volume that is
implemented using multiple disk drives. This allows ESS to connect to all IBM
servers, from zSeries to iSeries, pSeries and xSeries, directly or through a SAN,
thus helping the x455 fit into a heterogeneous environment containing a variety
of server architectures. ESS offers several choices of host I/O interface
attachment methods, including SCSI and Fibre Channel for xSeries.
For more information on the ESS, go to:
3.3.2 Tape backup
As with your disk subsystem, you need to carefully analyze backup requirements
before a tape solution is selected. Considerations when selecting a backup
solution should include:
Currently implemented backup solutions
If you are consolidating a number of servers onto a single x445 solution, for
example, you may want to take the opportunity to move from differing and
distributed tape technologies (such as DDS and DLT) and consolidate those
into a single, high-performance, automated solution. An example is the IBM
Ultrium Autoloader.
Current and projected capacity requirements
Select a solution that has the ability to scale as capacity requirements

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