IBM eServer zSeries 890 Technical Introduction

Book description

This IBM Redbooks publication introduces the IBM eServer zSeries 890, which represents the continuation of the scalable servers featured with the IBM eServer zSeries 990. The z890 is based on z/Architecture, the zSeries building blocks of the z990, and the virtualization technology of passed sever families. It is designed to be resilient in the unpredictable on demand world.

The z890 is a single model server with a wide range of capacity settings, delivering significantly improved granularity and enriched functions over its predecessor. At the same time, the z890 is also introducing the new eServer zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP), which provides a Java execution environment.

This publication provides information on the hardware and software features available with the z890. It also includes planning and migration considerations.

This technical introduction is intended for hardware planners, system engineers, and consultants who need to understand the capabilities of the z890.

Table of contents

  1. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  2. Preface
    1. The team that wrote this redbook
    2. Become a published author
    3. Comments welcome
  3. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Evolution
    2. z890 highlights
    3. Capacity Settings and MSUs
    4. Performance comparison
    5. Migration
    6. Considerations
  4. Chapter 2: Technical details
    1. Frame and CEC cage
      1. A-frame
      2. CEC cage (1/2)
      3. CEC cage (2/2)
      4. Processor unit functions
      5. Memory
    2. Internal System Control
    3. z890 capacity settings
    4. Concurrent changes
    5. Additional hardware elements
      1. Hardware System Area (HSA)
      2. Support Elements (SEs)
      3. Hardware Management Console (HMC)
      4. External Time Reference (ETR)
      5. Sysplex Timer®
      6. z890 ETR (Sysplex Timer) attachment
      7. Coupling Facility Control Code (CFCC) Level 13
    6. I/O cage
      1. I/O and cryptographic features
      2. New I/O features and functions
      3. I/O interfaces and identification
    7. Channel subsystem
      1. Logical Channel Subsystems (LCSSs)
      2. Spanned channels
    8. Coupling links
      1. Coupling Link connectivity with other servers
    9. OSA-Express features
      1. OSA-Express Fast Ethernet
      2. OSA-Express 1000BASE-T Ethernet
      3. OSA-Express Gigabit Ethernet
      4. OSA-Express Token Ring
    10. ESCON channels
      1. ESCON directors and multiple LCSSs
      2. Fiber Quick Connect (FQC) for ESCON “Quick Connect”
    11. FICON and FCP channels
      1. FICON Express features
      2. FICON Express LX feature
      3. FICON Express SX feature
      4. FICON channel in Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) mode
    12. Cryptographic support
      1. z990 Cryptographic processors
    13. HiperSockets
    14. HMC and SE functionss
      1. Integrated 3270 console
      2. Integrated ASCII console
      3. Optional Strict password rules
      4. Customizable HMC data mirroring
      5. Extended console logging
      6. Operating System Messages display
    15. Comparison table - z890 versus prior servers
  5. Chapter 3: Software support
    1. Operating system support
    2. z/OS, z/OS.e, and OS/390 software support
      1. z/OS.e V1.4 z990 coexistence feature
    3. OS/390, z/OS, and z/OS.e software considerations
      1. Compatibility support
      2. Exploitation support
    4. z/VM software considerations
    5. Linux on zSeries software considerations
    6. z/VSE and VSE/ESA software considerations
    7. TPF software considerations
    8. Hardware feature support
      1. zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP)
      2. Cryptographic feature
      3. FICON Express features
      4. OSA-Express features
      5. HiperSockets
      6. Spanned channels
      7. Summary of z/OS, z/OS.e and OS/390 software requirements
      8. Summary of z/VM, z/VSE, VSE/ESA, TPF, and Linux software requirements
  6. Chapter 4: Planning and migration considerations
    1. Power and cooling
    2. Hardware Management Console (HMC)
      1. Token ring planning
      2. SE and HMC connectivity planning
    3. Cabling services and cabling migration
    4. I/O and network connectivity
      1. Parallel channel migration
      2. Byte Multiplexor channel migration
      3. ESCON channel planning
      4. OSA considerations
      5. I/O feature configuration rules
    5. Parallel Sysplex considerations
      1. Coupling Facility planning
      2. Coupling Links connectivity
      3. Sysplex Timer ETR Network ID
    6. Capacity upgrades planning
      1. Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD)
      2. Customer Initiated Upgrade (CIU)
      3. On/Off Capacity on Demand (On/Off CoD)
      4. Capacity Backup (CBU)
    7. I/O configuration definition and management
      1. I/O configuration definition
      2. I/O configuration management
      3. IOCP example
    8. LPAR planning
      1. LPAR concepts
      2. LPAR mode updates
    9. Operating Systems migration
      1. z/OS and z/OS.e migration
      2. z/VM migration
      3. VSE/ESA migration
      4. Linux migration
    10. Migration to 64-bit hardware
    11. Cryptographic migration considerations
      1. Unsupported cryptographic functions
      2. Functions changed and coexistence considerations
    12. Migration from Multiprise 3000 to z890
    13. Migration from S/390 CMOS servers to z890
  7. Chapter 5: Frequently asked questions
    1. z890 general hardware feature FAQs
    2. z890 connectivity enhancements FAQs
    3. z890 zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP) FAQs
    4. z890 cryptographic FAQs
    5. z890 Parallel Sysplex FAQs
    6. z890 On/Off Capacity on Demand (CoD) FAQs
    7. z890 miscellaneous FAQs
  8. Appendix A: Instruction set
    1. Long-displacement instructions
    2. STIDP instruction changes
    3. Extended Translation Facility
  9. Appendix B: Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GPDS)
  10. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Other publications
    3. Online resources
    4. How to get IBM Redbooks
    5. Help from IBM
  11. Index (1/2)
  12. Index (2/2)
  13. Back cover

Product information

  • Title: IBM eServer zSeries 890 Technical Introduction
  • Author(s): Bill White, Mario Almeida, Jose Fadel, Parwez Hamid, Brian Hatfield, Dick Jorna, Bill Ogden
  • Release date: May 2004
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: None