Chapter 8. Deploying a solution 195
8.5 Deployment scenarios
In this section we describe the step-by-step deployment process for three scenarios:
򐂰 Local deployment from a development system (staging server)
򐂰 Local deployment from CDs
򐂰 Remote deployment from a development system
In our tests, we used the development system as a staging server. After generating the
deployment code for the sample solution (Trade6 and Order Entry), the development system
contains all necessary software to deploy a solution.
If you are considering creating a staging server on a separate system, you need to install
Deployment Wizard. One of the Express Runtime V2.1 installation options is
Wizard Only installation
(see Figure 8-13). For information, see “Deployment Wizard Only
Installation” on page 46.
Figure 8-13 Installing Deployment Wizard only
To support remote deployment on a dedicated staging server (a different system from your
development machine), you need to do the following actions:
򐂰 Export the solution files to the Staging Server (see 7.1, “Creating the solution package for
Trade6” on page 166).
򐂰 Install the IBM Installation Agent (IIA) on all Target Systems. It allows network
communication between the Staging Server and the Target Machine. During installation
on IIA, you can also generate a secure key.
Then you start IIA. It opens a TCP Listener on a specific port. At this time, a staging server
can connect to a target system.
򐂰 If you haven’t specified a secure phrase during IIA installation, you need to do it manually.
You have to restart IIA after creating or modifying a secure phrase.
196 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
The third way is to deploy using media. The last scenario that we can imagine is that from the
Development System, we generate a set of CDs. We can use it to deploy on the Target
System. It means that installing the solution using CDs which contains setup programs and
files needed. To do that we can use Solution Launcher.
We remind you about this topic in Chapter 7, “Packaging a solution” on page 165.
In any other cases of deployment, both locally and remotely, we use the Deployment wizard
tool as well.
8.5.1 Scenario 1: Deploying to a local system
We describe step-by-step deployment of the Trade6 application on a local Windows system.
Remember that we have both development and deployment environments on this system
(refer to Chapter 6, “Developing a wrapper” on page 91 for development tasks):
1. Click Start Programs IBM Express Runtime 2.1 Deployment Wizard.
2. Click File Open. By default, Deployment Wizard opens in the directory,
C:\Program Files\IBM\Runtime21\SolutionEnabler.
3. Locate the Trade6 solution (.ser) file (see Figure 8-14).
Secure Key: You must specify the same secure phrase on the staging server and each
target computer in order for the authentication to be successful. The secure phrase can
be any combination of alphanumeric characters and can be any length. Make the
phrase something you can remember, but not something that is easy for someone else
to guess. If a staging server makes five consecutive attempts to deploy to a target
computer without correctly matching security keys, the security keys on the target
computer will be deleted. You must then go to the target computer and create the
security keys again using the Key Manager utility.
The Key Manager utility protects against unauthorized use.
Chapter 8. Deploying a solution 197
Figure 8-14 Deployment Wizard - Choice solution file
4. Deployment Wizard loads the TradeWinSolution.ser file. Click Next to begin the
deployment process (see Figure 8-15). This process installs all middleware and Trade6.
Figure 8-15 Deploying Trade Win Solution
198 IBM Express Runtime V2.1
5. TradeWinSolution.ser includes only one task. In this panel, select the Trade application
checkbox and click Next as shown in Figure 8-16.
Figure 8-16 Selecting tasks
Chapter 8. Deploying a solution 199
6. Now select the platform where the middleware and Trade application will be installed.
This example is built for Windows as described in Chapter 6, “Developing a wrapper” on
page 91. It has only one application. Select Trade Application and Middleware for
Windows and click Next (see Figure 8-17.
Figure 8-17 Selecting platforms for deployment

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