Chapter 4. Transaction Manager enhancements 81
the local LU name is used. After this is done, the RACF object is deleted. If RACF=FULL has
been specified for APPC/IMS, the ACEE must again be built for the dependent region. Prior
to IMS Version 10, the ACEE is always built using the base LU. If a mismatch occurs because
a secured message was sent in using a local LU, but the dependent region ACEE using the
base LU does not authorize the user, the queued transaction will fail authorization. IMS
Version 10 addresses this situation by using the applicable LU (Base or Local) that was used
for the inbound message when building the dependent region ACEE.
4.2 Disable support of BTAM
IMS continued to support the BTAM macros through IMS Version 9 even though IBM
withdrew marketing and service of BTAM products several years ago. IMS Version 10
removes this BTAM support and relates to the terminal types that we list in Table 4-1.
Devices, such as Spool, Reader, Printer, Punch, Tape, and Disk are not affected.
If you include a macro statement operand that has an unsupported BTAM terminal
specification in your IMS STAGE 1 system definition input, you will receive the following
warning message in the SYSOUT:
A severity code of 2 will be issued to allow system definition to continue.
Table 4-1 Unsupported BTAM Terminal Types
BTAM device
Comments or other specifications
1050 Switched Terminal
2740 Non-Station-Control
2740 Non-switched, model 1
2740 Non-switched, model 2
2740 Switched Terminal, model 1
2741 Non-switched
2741 Switched Terminal
2260 Local
2780 N/A
3270 Remote, Non-switched
3270 Local
3270 Switched Terminal
3275 Switched Terminal
3741 Switched Terminal
SYSTEM/7 BSC, BSC and Contention
SYSTEM/7 Start/Stop, Start/Stop and Contention

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