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IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials

Book Description

Mastering Online Enterprise Communication with this collaborative software

  • Collaborate securely with your colleagues and teammates both inside and outside your organization by using Sametime features such as instant messaging and online meetings

  • Make your instant messaging communication more interesting with the inclusion of graphics, images, and emoticons to convey more information in fewer words

  • Communicate with other instant messaging services and users, such as AOL Instant Messaging, Yahoo Instant Messaging, and Google Talk and know how someone's online status can help you communicate faster and more efficiently

  • Discover how the Sametime Meeting Center can maximize the productivity of teams in your organization with the use of online meetings, training session playback, seamless voice/video integration, and screen sharing

  • See how Sametime works in common, every-day, real-world situations with tips, resources, and detailed screenshots

  • In Detail

    IBM Lotus Sametime software allows you to collaborate and communicate with others in real time. By using Sametime, you can communicate with your peers and teammates with the Sametime Connect client, embedded Sametime integration with Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook e-mail, or on mobile devices like a Blackberry. You will be able to connect to your colleagues via text, voice, video, or by setting up an online meeting with colleagues in several sites or countries getting the information you need to do your job and make better and faster decisions.

    This user guide enables you, no matter what your skill level, to develop and increase your knowledge of Sametime and how to use each feature from start to finish. It shows how you can effectively collaborate with your colleagues and teammates both in your organization and outside your organization by using the features of Sametime. It's practical, and most of all, fun!

    This book takes you from the basics of Sametime through to the most advanced features with a focus on real work-related situations along with plenty of screen prints to guide you. You'll learn everything from how to conduct a quick chat to conducting an online meeting. Or perhaps you want to learn how to take advantage of Sametime's telephony features or set up an online poll? The book starts by teaching you how to install Sametime and set up a contact list of people with whom you interact. Next, you learn how the chat feature of Sametime works, from using basic text to sharing screen-capture images. You learn how to use Sametime both within an organization and with other external instant messaging services like AOL, Yahoo, and Google. However, Sametime isn't restricted to just the Sametime client. You learn how to use Sametime from a web browser as well as from a mobile device. Meeting rooms with screen sharing, whiteboarding, audio, and video features are covered, as well as how Sametime integrates into an organization's phone system so that you can have a single place to go for all your communication and collaboration needs. Learn how Sametime advanced features like persistent chats and broadcast communities can help your project teams stay organized. And finally learn about Sametime 8.5 and 8.5.1.

    Dive into Sametime and learn to use all the features of this rich collaboration software tool

    Table of Contents

    1. IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials
      1. IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials
      2. Credits
      3. About the Authors
      4. Acknowledgement
      5. About the Reviewers
      6. Preface
        1. Who this book is for
        2. What this book covers
        3. What you need for this book
        4. Conventions
        5. Reader feedback
          1. Errata
          2. Piracy
          3. Questions
      7. 1. At the Starting Line: Know Your Sametime Client
        1. What's all the fuss about instant messaging?
        2. Why use Sametime?
        3. Types of Sametime clients
        4. The Sametime system offerings
        5. Summary
      8. 2. Getting Connected: Configuring and Using Sametime for Lotus Notes
        1. So exactly what is the "embedded" Sametime client?
        2. Getting connected to Sametime
        3. Starting Sametime with single sign-on
        4. Making Sametime work the best way for you
        5. Adding a contact
        6. What is Sametime "status"?
        7. Starting a chat with a contact
        8. Summary
      9. 3. Getting Connected: Configuring and Using Sametime Connect
        1. Installing Sametime Connect on Windows
        2. Installing Sametime Connect on a Macintosh
        3. Installing Sametime Connect on Linux
        4. Setting up the connection to the Sametime server
        5. Setting up user preferences
        6. Installing Sametime Connect add-ons
        7. Upgrading Your Sametime Connect client
        8. Summary
      10. 4. Managing Your Connections: Making the most of your Sametime Contacts
        1. Managing your contacts
        2. Contact list and "type ahead"
          1. Adding contacts
          2. Adding contacts from your inbox
          3. Removing contacts
          4. Importing and exporting contacts
          5. Displaying online contacts
          6. Setting preferences for contacts
        3. Understanding different directory types
        4. Contact nicknames
        5. Managing contacts with contact groups
          1. Sorting the group or contact list
          2. Managing groups and contacts between different Sametime clients
        6. Contact lists and business card information
        7. Managing your online presence
          1. Sametime status settings
          2. Sametime privacy settings
          3. Contact list awareness using alerts
          4. Sametime automatic status changes
        8. Group chatting
        9. Summary
      11. 5. Power Chatting: Making the most of Sametime Instant Messaging
        1. Spice up your text communication
          1. Rich text and text styles
          2. Date stamps
          3. Chat history
          4. Spell-checking your chat messages
        2. Uploading and displaying files, graphics, and web links
          1. Sending files
          2. Sending graphics
          3. Sending links
          4. Sending announcements
        3. Explain yourself with the screen capture tool
        4. Get emotional with emoticons
        5. Audio/video services
          1. Voice chatting
          2. Video chatting
          3. Telephone to telephone chatting
        6. Integrating Sametime with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint
        7. Summary
      12. 6. Spread the Word: Connecting to other Messaging Communities
        1. Connect to your local Sametime community
        2. Connecting to external Sametime communities
        3. Connecting to other instant messaging users: AOL, Google, and Yahoo
        4. Directory types: Domino versus LDAP
        5. Summary
      13. 7. iNotes and Sametime—Chatting from the Web
        1. Using Sametime in iNotes
        2. Enable instant messaging
        3. Chatting from iNotes
        4. Displaying Sametime contacts in the sidebar
        5. Adding and managing contacts
        6. Set and edit your status message
        7. Help! I need somebody!
        8. Summary
      14. 8. Going Mobile—Installing and Using the Sametime Mobile Client
        1. Supported devices for Sametime Mobile
        2. Packaging the Sametime Mobile client for download
        3. Downloading and installing Sametime Mobile
        4. Using the Sametime Mobile client
          1. Logging into Sametime Mobile
          2. Beginning a chat
          3. Sending an announcement
          4. Multiple chat conversations
          5. Quick responses
        5. Adjusting Sametime Mobile client preferences
          1. Changing display preferences
          2. Setting notification preferences
          3. Setting up customized status messages
        6. Managing and chatting with Sametime Mobile contacts
          1. Managing your groups from Sametime Mobile
          2. Chat history preferences
        7. Securing Sametime Mobile
        8. Getting help with Sametime Mobile
        9. Summary
      15. 9. Meeting Basics—Using Sametime to Create Virtual Meeting Spaces
        1. What is Sametime Meeting Center?
        2. Browser requirements for Sametime meetings
        3. Getting started in Sametime Meeting Center
          1. Security and authentication for Sametime meetings
        4. Creating a new online meeting
          1. Creating a meeting with the Sametime instant messaging client
        5. Breakout meeting sessions
        6. Chairing a meeting
        7. Participating in a meeting
          1. Participant list
          2. Adding web pages to your meeting
          3. Web Polling
          4. Group chat
        8. Leaving or ending a meeting
        9. Need help?
        10. Summary
      16. 10. Meeting Beyond the Conference Room—Using Additional Sametime Meeting Features
        1. Screen sharing
        2. Whiteboarding
        3. Communicating with voice, video, and audio
        4. Saving and using meeting materials
        5. Best practices for online meetings
          1. Best practices and etiquette for online meetings
        6. Need help in the meeting center?
        7. Summary
      17. 11. Take Your Instant Messaging to the Next Level—Sametime Advanced
        1. Getting started with chat rooms
          1. Using chat rooms in a web browser
          2. Using chat rooms in the Sametime Connect client or Notes Embedded client
        2. Managing broadcast communities
        3. Using instant share
        4. Sametime geographic locations
        5. When you need help
        6. Summary
      18. 12. Speak Up—Taking Advantage of Sametime Unified Telephony
        1. What is Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT)?
        2. Using Sametime Unified Telephony features
        3. Getting help
        4. Summary
      19. A. Sametime 8.5 and 8.5.1 New Features
        1. New features in Sametime 8.5
          1. Browser-based client
        2. Sametime 8.5 meetings
        3. iPhone and Sametime 8.5
        4. Summary
      20. B. Using Sametime in Chat-Enabled Applications
        1. Lotus Quickr
        2. Sametime and Lotus Connections
        3. Sametime and custom applications
        4. Sametime and Microsoft products
        5. Summary
      21. C. Additional Sametime Resources
        1. Sametime basics
        2. Sametime client feature how-to's
        3. Sametime Advanced
        4. Sametime Unified Telephony
        5. Sametime 8.5 information
        6. Miscellaneous Sametime information
        7. The "Official" Sametime song