300 IBM OmniFind EE V8.4: Configuration and Implementation Scenarios
4.1 Business requirement
Our fictitious company named IBM is a computer vendor supporting customers in
the United States. It has over 50,000 employees supporting over 1 million
customers. In a competitive marketplace, IBM needed to provide superior
customer service by improving the productivity of its sales, marketing, and
technical personnel by making customer information spread across multiple data
sources available on demand in response to customer and prospect inquiries. A
high availability architecture is a critical requirement of any proposed solution.
One of the solutions aimed at achieving this objective was to implement an
enterprise search system for the 10 million customer-related documents located
in its Notes Domino, DB2 Content Manager, and DB2 UDB for LUW systems.
Given the sensitive nature of customer information stored in Notes, Domino, DB2
Content Manager and DB2 UDB for LUW systems, IBM requires the enterprise
search solution to support and leverage the native security capabilities of these
underlying data sources; only authorized employees need to have access to
secure documents. Additionally, to ease searchability of information, employees
need to have the ability to restrict the scope of search by business Corporate
News, Products, Services, and so on. The solution also needs to provide a
simple GUI interface available as a portlet in WebSphere Portal Server.
From an IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition implementation perspective, this
translates to having:
򐂰 A four server IBM AIX platform implementation to address the high availability
򐂰 Enabled WebSphere global security with an LDAP repository.
򐂰 A single collection with document-level security and single sign-on enabled.
The Notes Domino system contains sales and marketing support
The DB2 Content Manager systems contains general corporate news and
sales and technical support information.
The DB2 UDB for LUW system contains skills inventory information about
employees within the organization.
򐂰 Enabled Identity Management Component (IMC) and single sign-on.
򐂰 A Notes crawler for Notes Domino system, DB2 Content Manager crawler for
the DB2 Content Manager system, and a DB2 crawler for the DB2 UDB for
LUW system.
򐂰 Enabled rules-based categorization when defining the collection.
򐂰 The sample search portlet installed on WebSphere Portal Server.

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