Chapter 4. Large organization OmniFind scenario on an AIX platform 301
4.2 Environment configuration
The IBM workload demands (large employee community), large number of
documents (10 million) to be indexed, and the need for a high availability
environment permits the adoption of a sufficiently configured four server IBM
OmniFind Enterprise Edition environment.
The IBM AIX platform is considered necessary to address the IBM enterprise
search solution needs.
Figure 4-1 on page 302 shows the configuration used in the IBM’ four server IBM
AIX configuration, including:
򐂰 A Windows 2003 server ( provides the IBM
enterprise portal through which authorized users will access the enterprise
search solution. This server uses LDAP (Tivoli Directory Server) to address
the security requirements of the enterprise search solution.
򐂰 Tivoli Directory Server ( is installed on a
separate server that is physically well secured given the sensitive nature of
the information it contains.
򐂰 Four server IBM AIX servers (,,, and for the IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition
search, indexer, parser and crawler components.
򐂰 The Notes Domino data source is located on server, while the DB2 Content Manager and DB2 UDB
for LUW data sources are located on server
򐂰 The various crawler types defined in this configuration.
򐂰 IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition administrators administer and manage the
environment through the administration console GUI.
Note: In the real world, the high availability environment for IBM OmniFind
Enterprise Edition requires a Network Dispatcher to provide the load
balancing capability across the two search servers. In our contrived
environment, however, we did not implement this functionality due to time
Note: The Windows 2003 server has direct connectivity and authorization
to the data sources in order to render the document that a user selects in
the search result.

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