196 IBM ProtecTIER Implementation and Best Practices Guide
13.3.1 Advantages of a Tivoli Storage Manager environment with ProtecTIER
(pre-IP replication)
The configuration shown in Figure 13-1 on page 195 eliminates the usage of physical tape in
the data center and allows faster restoration because the information is coming from the
ProtecTIER disk-based virtual tape versus real tape.
13.4 Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.3
This section describes the best practices when configuring Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3 to
work with the ProtecTIER product.
To enable a ProtecTIER server to work with Tivoli Storage Manager, complete the
following steps:
1. Ensure that devices (robot and tapes) are recognized by the OS. Example 13-1 shows
how the devices appear in an AIX server.
Example 13-1 Robot (smc0, smc1) and tapes (rmt0 to rmt63) in the AIX
lbsserv38> lsdev -Cc tape
rmt0 Available 02-08-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
rmt1 Available 02-08-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
rmt2 Available 02-08-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
rmt61 Available 03-08-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
rmt62 Available 03-08-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
rmt63 Available 03-08-02 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
smc0 Available 02-08-02 IBM 3584 Library Medium Changer (FCP)
smc1 Available 03-08-02 IBM 3584 Library Medium Changer (FCP)
2. In the administrative console (dsmadmc), you can define the library using the VTL library
type and relabelscratch parameters (Example 13-2).
Example 13-2 Defining a library in the Tivoli Storage Manager server
TSM:SERVER1> define library ptlibrary libtype=vtl relabelscratch=yes shared=yes
ANR8400I Library PTLIBRARY defined.
Volume definition: When predefining the volume at Tivoli Storage Manager for backup,
this volume is not parsed.
Output: For the sake of brevity, some of the output in the following examples
is shortened.
Library tape VTL: The library type VTL was introduced in Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3
to improve communication between Tivoli Storage Manager and the ProtecTIER VTL.
If you have a previous version of Tivoli Storage Manager, you can use the
libtype=scsi instead.
Chapter 13. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 197
3. If you are using Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3 or higher, you can create the path to the
library and its subordinate drives by running the perform libaction command (for more
information, see 13.4.2, “Defining and deleting Tivoli Storage Manager libraries with many
drives” on page 199). Example 13-3 shows the perform libaction command.
Example 13-3 The perform libaction command
tsm: SERVER1>perform libaction ptlibrary action=define device=/dev/smc0
ANR1720I A path from SERVER1 to PTLIBRARY has been defined.
ANR8955I Drive DR00 in library PTLIBRARY with serial number is updated with
the newly discovered serial number 6710270000.
ANR1720I A path from SERVER1 to PTLIBRARY DR00 has been defined.
4. If you are using a version of Tivoli Storage Manager earlier than Version 6.3, you must
manually define the path of the robot and all of its subordinate drives, as shown in
Example 13-4.
Example 13-4 Manually defining the virtual tapes drives
tsm: SERVER1>def path SERVER1 PTLIBRARY srct=SERVER destt=library library=PTLIBRARY
ANR1720I A path from SERVER1 to PTLIBRARY has been defined.
tsm: SERVER1>q path
Source Name Source Type Destination Destination On-Line
Name Type
----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- -------
tsm: SERVER1>def drive PTLIBRARY drive1
ANR8404I Drive DRIVE1 defined in library PTLIBRARY.
tsm: SERVER1>def path SERVER1 DRIVE1 srct=SERVER destt=drive library=PTLIBRARY
ANR1720I A path from SERVER1 to PTLIBRARY DRIVE1 has been defined.
Tip: To execute the perform libaction command, you must use the
SANDISCOVERY parameter. To do so, run the following command:
tsm: SERVER1> setopt SANDISCOVERY on
Do you wish to proceed? (Yes (Y)/No (N)) y
ANR2119I The SANDISCOVERY option has been changed in the options file.
The Tivoli Storage Manager server setting SANDISCOVERY must be disabled for Tivoli
Storage Manager CPF/DPF functionality. The ProtecTIER product exports multiple
tape drives with the same WWPN, and the Sandiscovery feature does not work as
expected, so it must be turned off.
The SANDISCOVERY setting can be turned on temporarily so that Tivoli Storage Manager
V6.3 can perform the libaction command. It can then be turned off when using
CPF/DPF in Tivoli Storage Manager.
Drives definition: Define the names for the drive in Tivoli Storage Manager that
represent the VTL.

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