IBM Rational Application Developer V6 Portlet Application Development and Portal Tools

Book description

This IBM Redbook provides an overview and hands-on scenarios to help you design, develop and implement portlet applications using Rational Application Developer V6.0 and the provided Portal Tools. The sample scenarios included in this redbook target Business-to-Employee (B2E) enterprise applications, but most of the scenarios presented will also apply to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) applications.

You will find step-by-step examples and scenarios showing ways to integrate your enterprise applications into an IBM WebSphere Portal environment using the WebSphere Portal APIs provided by the Portal Tools to develop portlets. You will also learn how to extend your portlet capabilities to use advanced functions such as cooperative portlets, internationalization, action events, using the Credential Vault to enable Single Sign-On, Web Services, remote portlets, portal design and portlet debugging capabilities. Elements of the Portlet API and the standard JSR168 API are described and sample code is provided. The scenarios included in this redbook can be used to learn about portlet programming and as a basis for your own portlet applications. You will also find scenarios describing recommended ways to develop portlets and portlet applications that follow the MVC design pattern, the Struts framework and JavaServer Faces technology.

Basic knowledge of Java technologies such as servlets, JavaBeans, EJBs, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), as well as of XML applications and the terminology used in Web publishing, is assumed.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Overview
    1. Portal evolution
    2. Overview
    3. WebSphere Portal
    4. Highlights in WebSphere Portal V5.1
    5. Portlet solution patterns
    6. Building a war file
  4. Developing Portal applications
    1. Portal overview
    2. Developing applications for WebSphere Portal
    3. Portal development scenario
  5. Portlet development platform sample installation
    1. Prerequisites
    2. Rational Application Developer and Portal Tools
    3. WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment
    4. Configuration of the Test Environment
    5. WebSphere Test Environment V5.1 (optional)
  6. IBM Portlet API
    1. IBM portlets
    2. IBM portlet application
    3. Servlets versus portlets
    4. Portlet modes
    5. Portlet states
    6. Core objects
    7. Portlet life cycle
    8. Listeners
    9. Action event handling
    10. Attribute storage summary
    11. Portlet JSPs
    12. Portlet deployment
    13. Resources
  7. A first portlet application
    1. Sample scenario
    2. Creating the portlet project
    3. Configuring the test environment
    4. Running the portlet project
    5. Modifying the portlet project and verifying changes
  8. IBM Portlet API portlet development
    1. About action events
    2. Development scenario
    3. Creating the portlet project
    4. Configuring your project in the test environment
    5. Examining and modifying the source code
    6. Running your project in the test environment
  9. Portlet messaging
    1. Portlet messaging
    2. MessageListener
    3. MessageEvent
    4. DefaultPortletMessage
    5. PortletMessage
    6. Sample scenario
    7. Broadcasting messages
  10. JSR 168 API
    1. JSR overview
    2. JSR 168 comparison to servlets
    3. JSR 168 portlet modes
    4. JSR 168 Portlet window states
    5. Core JSR 168 objects
    6. JSR 168 Portlet life cycle
    7. Portlet caching
    8. Listeners
    9. Deployment descriptors
    10. JSR 168 limitations in WebSphere Portal
  11. JSR 168 portlet development
    1. Overview
    2. Creating a JSR 168 portlet project
    3. Updating the generated portlet
    4. Running the portlet
  12. Migrating to JSR 168
    1. Modifying the deployment descriptor
    2. Modifying the Java source
    3. Modifying the JSP source
    4. Struts
    5. JSF
    6. Portlet services
    7. Messaging
  13. Using JSPs and servlets
    1. Overview
    2. RequestDispatcher
    3. JSP tags
    4. Cascading style sheets (CSS)
  14. Internationalization
    1. Resource bundles
    2. Translating whole resources
    3. JSR 168 API considerations
    4. Dynamically changing the language
    5. NLS administration
    6. Working with characters
    7. NLS best practices
    8. Sample scenario: NLS bundles
    9. Sample scenario: translating whole resources
    10. Dynamically changing the language
  15. Struts portlets
    1. Overview
    2. The Struts portlet framework
  16. Creating Struts portlets with the IBM Portlet API
    1. Overview
    2. Creating Struts applications with IBM portlet API
    3. Messaging
    4. Migration
  17. Struts portlet development using the JSR 168 API
    1. Overview
    2. Message flow
    3. Creating a Portlet project
    4. Designing the application (View mode)
    5. Designing the application (Edit mode)
    6. Realizing the Edit mode application components
    7. Adding new keys to the resources file
    8. Running the portlet
    9. Adding internationalization support
    10. Adding logging support to the application
  18. JavaServer Faces portlets
    1. Overview
    2. A simple JSF application
    3. User interface component model
    4. Navigation model
    5. Backing bean management
    6. JSF in portlets
    7. Migration
  19. JavaServer Faces portlet development
    1. The calculator application
    2. Creating the project
    3. Creating the page layout
    4. Implementing component attributes and validation
    5. Binding the front end to the calculator
    6. Invoking the business logic of the calculator
    7. Implementing page navigation
    8. Implementing a validator
    9. Implementing a value change event
    10. Implementing internationalization
  20. Additional Faces portlet sample scenarios
    1. The call center application
    2. The Web service client portlet
  21. Portlet services
    1. Portlet services
    2. Accessing portlet services
  22. Credential Vault Service
    1. Overview
    2. Credential Vault organization
    3. Working with the CredentialVaultService
    4. Credential objects
  23. The Credential Vault
    1. Sample scenario
    2. Importing a secure servlet application
    3. Using active credentials
    4. Using passive credentials
  24. Accessing JDBC databases from portlet applications
    1. Creating a portlet project
    2. Creating a sample database
    3. Sample scenario
  25. Accessing JDBC databases using Data Source in standard portlets
    1. Data Source overview
    2. Creating a JSR 168 portlet project
    3. Creating a sample database
    4. Sample scenario
  26. IBM API declarative cooperative portlets
    1. Overview
    2. IBM Portlets for cooperation
    3. Sample scenario (IBM portlets)
  27. IBM API programmatic cooperative portlets
    1. Publishing properties programmatically
    2. Portlet event handling
    3. Broadcasting source data
    4. Wiring tool
    5. Sample scenario
  28. JSR 168 cooperative portlets
    1. Overview
    2. Source cooperative portlet
    3. Target cooperative portlet
    4. Running the cooperative portlets
  29. Struts cooperative portlets
    1. Overview
    2. Source cooperative portlet
    3. Target cooperative portlet
    4. Running the cooperative portlets
  30. Accessing Web Services from portlet applications
    1. Overview
    2. Sample scenario
  31. Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)
    1. Overview
    2. Implementing WSRP in WebSphere Portal
    3. Security
  32. Portlet debugging
    1. Overview
    2. Sample scenario
  33. Remote Server Attach
    1. Overview
    2. Sample scenario
    3. Defining Web browsers and emulator devices
  34. Updating a portal layout
    1. Overview
    2. Creating a Portal server connection
    3. Importing the WebSphere Portal server configuration
    4. Modifying the Portal Navigation and Layout
    5. Adding portlets
    6. Additional ways to add portlets
    7. Testing the updated portal configuration
    8. Applying themes
  35. Creating new portal themes
    1. Overview
    2. Creating a new theme
    3. Editing a theme
    4. Editing Styles
    5. Applying MyCorp theme
    6. Applying a Skin
    7. Testing the new Portal Project
    8. Publishing the Portal Project
    9. Deploying the Portal Project
  36. Additional material
    1. Locating the Web material
    2. Using the Web material
  37. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Other publications
    3. Online resources
    4. How to get IBM Redbooks
    5. Help from IBM
  38. Back cover
  39. Index

Product information

  • Title: IBM Rational Application Developer V6 Portlet Application Development and Portal Tools
  • Author(s): Juan R. Rodriguez, Cristiano Cesario, Karla Galvan, Belen Gonzalez, George Kroner, Gianfranco Rutigliano, Ryan Wilson
  • Release date: August 2005
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: 073849352X