52 Real Time Compression Appliance Application Integration Guide
5.1 Foundational best practices
It is important to realize that an RTCA implementation builds on the best practices that relate
to three aspects: the NAS storage controller, NAS client platforms, and Oracle database
Consider the following related best practices in the deployment of the NAS environment prior
to the implementation of the RTCA product:
򐂰 Best practices guidelines - IBM System Storage N series and Oracle Database 11g,
Technical report NS3633-1:
This document describes best-practice guidelines for running Oracle Database 11g on
IBM System Storage N series storage systems with platforms, such as Solaris, Hewlett
Packard HP/UX, IBM AIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows. It represents the best-practice
minimum requirements for deployment of Oracle on IBM System Storage N series.
Intended to be a guideline of proven methods and techniques.
򐂰 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Protocol Performance Comparison with Oracle Database 11g
Release 2:
This technical report compares the performance of different network protocols and file
systems and how they interact with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 workloads running on
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 U4 using Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 10 GbE, 10 Gb FCOE, and
4 Gb/8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC).
This section describes the best practices for deploying the RTCA product in Linux RHEL
using an Oracle Database environment on NFS exported from N series.

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