78 IBM Session Manager Implementation
3.1 Overview
Session Manager provides a user exit facility that allows administrators a great
deal of flexibility and control within the Session Manager environment. Exits are
available at critical processing paths to allow the administrator to have very
granular control. Exits can be written in Assembler, COBOL, and TPSL. The list
of accessible variables and the scope of those variables is described in detail in
Chapter 16, “The Session Manager User Exit,” of Session Manager for z/OS
Facilities, SC34-6287-04.
Before you begin working with Session Manager exits, you should review
member ISZCEXIT. This member is supplied in the SISZEXIT dataset. The
ISZCEXIT member describes the sample exits provided by Session Manager,
and detailed notes on using each of the provided samples.
The Facilities Reference provides an excellent description of each exit, and
details on the variable state on entry and exit as well as return codes.
The Session Manager User exit is invoked at several points, as discussed in the
following sections.
3.2 E01 - Session Manager initialization time
Exit point E01 is only applicable to the user exit. It cannot be specified as a TPSL
script. The main purposes of this exit point are to enable the startup to be
aborted if required, to open files, and possibly to record the time of startup.
It is also possible to initialize global variables in E01.
3.3 E05 - Configuration statement processing time
Session Manager reads the configuration file at initialization time, and also when
the Update facility has been invoked as a result of an UPDATE command. This
exitpoint is called prior to Session Manager processing each logical record, and
enables the exit to modify any configuration record, and to insert records. Since
each record is part of a control statement, care must be taken to avoid
introducing errors, either syntactical or logical, as this may cause Session
Manager to reject the whole statement.

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