80 IBM Session Manager Implementation
named ISZE21GA and is supplied in the SISZEXIT dataset. Specific details
outlining the necessary steps to use the ISZE21GA exit are given in Chapter 22,
“Parallel Sysple Support,of the Session Manager for z/OS Facilities manual
3.9 E22 - Signon completion
This exit point is invoked when the user has finally been identified and the
signon, or reconnection, has been accepted. The autoselect session detail
number may be modified by the exit. The E22 exit might also be used to record
the fact that the signon has been accepted. A message may be sent to the log
and to the terminal. For Session Manager 1.1.05 and later, this exit point is used
to provide the dynamic menus facility. If the E22 exit point is used in conjunction
with the signoff exit point (E29), a table or file may be maintained recording the
signon and signoff times of each user. This may then be used for accounting
3.10 E25 - Input 3270 datastream exit
The new function APAR PQ89033 added support for the E25 input exit. It is
invoked upon receipt of a terminal input 3270 datastream, prior to Session
Manager escape sequence detection and processing. Chapter 16 of the Session
Manager for z/OS Facilities Reference, SC34-6287, should be reviewed prior to
using this exit, as it can result in increased CPU or other performance problems.
3.11 E29 - Logoff or disconnect from Session Manager
This exit point is invoked when the DISCONNECT or LOGOFF command is used
to disconnect from Session Manager. It is also invoked when a user is
disconnected or logged off from Session Manager due to expiry of the idle time
interval, and also when Session Manager encounters an irrecoverable terminal
error. As with the Signon exit point, a message may be sent to the log. The
signoff event may be recorded in a table or file, and if the signon time has also
been recorded, the interval may be used for accounting purposes.
3.12 E31 - Slave session pre-initiation
This exit point is called immediately prior to the initiation of an application
session; that is, when a user selects an application from a Menu panel. The main

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