Chapter 7. Administration - Summary Tab 179
To generate and open the subsystem profile, click the Storage Subsystem Profile link in the
Status box (Figure 7-2 on page 178). The information will be gathered from the various
components and the profile window will open (Figure 7-3). The various tabs show the
properties of various objects in storage subsystem. Use the Save As button to save the whole
profile locally to disk, to help document a change history of your storage subsystem. It will be
saved as a text file. You can look at this file later, or send it to somebody who has no direct
access to your storage subsystem to analyze it. For more information about the profile, refer
to Chapter 14, “Administration - Support” on page 329.
Figure 7-3 Subsystem Profile window
7.1.2 Storage subsystem status
The second line in the Status box shows the current subsystem status. If the status is green
as on Figure 7-2 on page 178, the subsystem is running in an optimal status. If there is any
problem with the subsystem, the status icon will change to red (Figure 7-4). Click the link
Storage Subsystem Needs Attention to open the Recovery Guru. How to troubleshoot and
recover from problems is covered in Chapter 14, “Administration - Support” on page 329. The
same red icon is also visible in upper part of the Subsystem Manger window, close to the
name of subsystem, and the Recovery Guru icon in the toolbar is flashing.
Figure 7-4 Status box - Storage Subsystem Needs Attention
Note: You should save a new version of the profile (or collect all support data (CASD) as
described in Chapter 14, “Administration - Support” on page 329) and store it securely
whenever the configuration changes. Even in the case of a complete configuration loss,
your data on disks might not be affected, and in this case you can restore the arrays and
logical drives configuration and the mappings for the storage partitioning. The profile
should be stored locally, and also can be included in any offsite disaster recovery

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