Chapter 1. Executive overview 5
Smart Business Systems are purpose-built, pre-configured cloud infrastructure appliances:
IBM Information Archive (IA): Data archiving is often required to mitigate
organizational risks related to regulatory compliance. IA is such an appliance. It is
designed to provide a scalable, secure, cost-effective, data archiving solution. Data is
stored securely through enhanced data authenticity and a patent-pending data
tampering feature. An indexing and searching mechanism is provided for fast
information retrieval.
IBM Cloudburst: This is a hardware appliance designed to provide access to IBM
WebSphere® virtual images and patterns for quickly and repeatedly creating
application environments that can be securely deployed and managed in a private
cloud. It helps application developers to easily and quickly develop, test, and deploy
business application environments. In turn, this ends the need for manual, complex,
and time-intensive processes associated with creating application environments.
For more information, see this website:
1.2.3 Automated tiering
Tiering is an intelligent method of reducing the cost of storing your information. It is a method
for making your most critical data available quickly, by storing less critical data to less
expensive and therefore slower media. Organizations that continue to spend more on
disparate disk storage capacity that is not fully utilized can benefit from automated tiering.
About the technology
By implementing automated tiering, you can realize both performance optimization and space
management optimization.
For performance optimization, Easy Tier is a dynamic data relocation feature that optimizes
performance at the lowest cost. Easy Tier monitors data access patterns, and then
intelligently, automatically, and nondisruptively moves the data to the appropriate disk tier.
Easy Tier is a feature of the DS8000, the SAN Volume Controller, and the Storwize V7000
Space management optimization, can also be performed through policy-based automation
techniques to migrate less active data to lower cost storage. This type of Information Lifecycle
Management is available with the Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) and other
Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) products.
IBM products that support the technology
The following products support this technology:
򐂰 The
DS8000 Easy Tier function can be used in automatic and manual modes, allowing for
the highest level of performance optimization and data control.
In automatic mode, data relocation is performed automatically and transparently, based on
I/O activity. Data relocation occurs both within tiers (inter-tier), based on data access
activity, and among tiers (intra-tier), based on rank activity.
Easy Tier automatic mode operates on
hybrid extent pools. A hybrid extent pool is an
extent that contains two storage tier types, including solid-state drives (SSD), Enterprise
level (Fibre Channel), and Nearline Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

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