Chapter 1. Executive overview 13
These copies can be used for backup, application, or quality assurance testing or other
purposes. The optional IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager can help deliver the
highest levels of data protection for mission-critical IBM DB2®, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft
Exchange, and Microsoft SQL Server applications with integrated application-aware
point-in-time backup and restore capabilities.
SONAS Snapshot: SONAS Snapshot is a space-efficient, read-only, point-in-time
consistent version of an entire SONAS filesystem, frozen at a point-in-time. It enables
online backups to be maintained, providing nearly instant access to previous versions
of data without requiring complete, separate copies or resorting to auxiliary backups.
1.3.2 Continuous operations
Your IT systems need to be able to prevent and avoid outages and recover from them quickly.
IBM offers a range of reliable, high-performance solutions, ensuring that your business
remains operational during component failures or significant disasters.
In addition, IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services helps to ensure the continuity of
business operations and assists with regulatory compliance, improved systems availability,
data protection, and the integration of IT operational risk management strategies.
About the technology
A robust, highly available application infrastructure is fundamental to deliver required service
level agreements. The objective behind implementing a high availability solution is to provide
near-continuous application availability during both planned and unplanned outages.
One method of maintaining continuous operations is by using remote copy, a technology
implemented in several of our storage products. This method can be combined with additional
methods to allow automation for to either a backup site or backup storage systems, following
a failure, and then switching back after the environment has returned to normal (failover and
failback). Failover and failback operations need to be as automated as possible, especially in
the event of a disaster. The IBM products and services described here can help you achieve
that automation.
IBM products that support the technology
The following products support this technology:
IBM Copy Services: This is available with most of our disk storage products (although with
variations in their implementation and use). Copy Services enable business continuity
capabilities to give you the peace of mind of knowing your mission-critical applications.
For example, on the DS8000, Metro Mirror is designed to provide a no-data-loss remote
mirroring environment for metropolitan distances up to 300 kilometers. Global Mirror is
designed to minimize data loss at the recovery site to as low as five seconds or less
relative to the production site at virtually any distance. IBM Metro/Global Mirror combines
these two capabilities to support a three-site configuration designed for no data loss,
regardless of distance.
IBM PowerHA System Mirror V6.1 for AIX Enterprise Edition: This is a high availability,
key component of business resiliency. Business-critical applications are configured into a
cluster, which typically involves at least two systems (nodes). The cluster monitors the
critical resources for changes that can indicate a failure, a pending failure, or a possible
configuration change.

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