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ACB Application Control Block
APAR Authorized Program Analysis
API Application Programming
APPC Advanced Program to
Program Communication
ASCII American Standard Code for
Information Interchange
CBPDO Custom Build Product
Delivery Offering
CCC Candle Command Center
CD-ROM Compact Disk Read-Only
CICAT Candle Installation and
Configuration Assistant Tool
CICS Customer Information Control
CMS Candle Management Server
CMW Candle Management
CNP CandleNet Portal
CNPS CandleNet Portal Server
CPU Central Processing Unit
CSA Common Storage Area
CSI Consolidated Software
CT Candle Technology
CUA Common User Access
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DD Data Definition
DDDEF DD Definition
DDR DASD Dump and Restore
DE Dashboard Edition
Abbreviations and acronyms
DF/HSM Data Facility Hierarchical
Storage Manager
DF/SMS Data Facility System
Managed Storage
DNS Domain Name Service
DSA Data Storage Area
DVIPA Dynamic Virtual IP
EBCDIC Enhanced Binary Coded
Decimal Instruction Code
EDSA Extended DSA
EIB Enterprise Information Base
ESQA Extended SQA
ETE End to end
FMID Function Modification
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GRS Global Resource Serialization
GTF Generalized Trace Facility
GUI Graphical User Interface
HPNS High Performance Networking
HPR High Performance Routing
HTTP Hyper-text Transfer Protocol
IBM International Business
Machine Corp.
ICSF Integrated Cryptographic
Service Facility
IFA Integrated Facility for
IMS Information Management
IRA Intelligent Resource Adapter
IRLM IMS Resource Locking
252 IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE V3.1 – Deep Dive on z/OS
ISPF Interactive System
Productivity Facility
ISPF/PDF ISPF/Program Development
ITSO International Technical
Support Organization
JCL Job Control Language
LPAR Logical partition
LSR Local Shared Resource
LU Logical Unit
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
NCP Network Control Program
NPM Network Performance Monitor
ODBC Open database connectivity
OSA Open System Adapter
PDS Partitioned Dataset
PDSE Partitioned Dataset Extended
PMR Problem Management Record
PSP Preventive Service Planning
PSW Program Status Word
PTF Program Temporary Fix
RAS Reliability Availability
RMF Resource Monitoring Facility
RTE Runtime Environment
SDSF System Display and Search
SMF System Measurement Facility
SMP/E System Modification Program
SNA System Network Architecture
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SPUFI SQL Program using File Input
SQA System Queue Area
SQL Structured Query Language
SSL Secure Socket Layer
STC Started Task Control
TCP/IP Transmission Control
Protocol, Internet Protocol
TEMS Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring
TSO Time Sharing Option
UDB Universal Database
UDP User Datagram Protocol
URL Universal Resource Locator
USS UNIX Systems Services
VM Virtual Machine
VSAM Virtual Storage Access
VSE Virtual Storage Extended
VTAM Virtual Telecommunication
Access Method
VTOC Virtual Table of Content
WLM Work Load Manager
Write to Operator
XCF Extended Coupling Facility

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