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򐂰 Business logic
򐂰 Customization using a Web interface
The Evolution of Tivoli Information Management
Information Management was first introduced in 1981. It was originally a 3270 product used
for problem and change management. Most customers were, and continue to be, Fortune
500 companies that have a strong need for a problem and change management application
that has the power and flexibility to meet changing business requirements. There were
several versions of the product over the past two decades. Each release introduced powerful
and timely functionality to meet customer requirements. Most recently, the market
requirements for a Web solution were communicated from Information Management for z/OS
customers. Web Access meets the requirements of a Web solution. It provides a graphical
user interface that is user-friendly and easily installed and customized. The fact that it is using
an OS/390 or z/OS database is transparent to the users. The database can be accessed from
any Web browser worldwide, thus opening the door for new user communities that would
otherwise be unwilling or disinterested in a 3270 interface.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from Tivoli Information Management
Development and Support in Raleigh.
Don Miller joined IBM in 1977 as a Hardware Customer Engineer (CE). He began his
software career at the IBM Tampa Software Support Center in 1984, where his area of
specialty was MVS, including JES2, JES3, and SMP/E. In 1988, Don moved to Raleigh and
joined the Information Management support team, where he undertook change team and
development assignments. In 1995, he was assigned to the team developing and supporting
the Web Connector interface to Information Management. He joined Tivoli Services in 1999,
where he provided custom Web solutions to IBM customers using Information Management.
Don was the Web subject matter expert and provided technical leadership for the Web
Access project. Don rejoined the Information Management development team in July 2002.
Mimi Michelet has been a Developer on the Information Management team since 1988. She
has worked on a number of features in the product, including the BLX-SP, APIs, workstation
clients, ODBC driver, and Desktop. She served as the project manager for the Web Access
project and also helped develop the business logic implemented by the drop-in problem and
change management solution.
Michael Bacon joined IBM in 1998, where his first position was in Level 2 Information
Management Support. In October of 2000, he became the Level 2 and Level 3 Support
Manager, and later assumed development manager responsibilities for the product as well.
He was Release Manager for Information Management for z/OS (which shipped in August
2001), as well as Web Access (which shipped in May 2002). Prior to joining IBM, Michael
worked for NationsBank (now Bank of America), where he was a development team lead for
the Information Management product.
Maryann Goldman has worked on the Information Management team since 1991. During
that time, she has done Level 2, Level 3, and development. Her favorite area of the product is
the API, where her expertise is often sought out. She was Managing Editor of the Structured
Word newsletter from 1996 to 1998. She has presented at many user groups and at Planet
Tivoli®. Her major contribution to the Web Access project was understanding and piecing
together the specifications for the HTML generator.

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