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IBM TotalStorage® Productivity Center is a suite of infrastructure management software that
can centralize, automate, and simplify the management of complex and heterogeneous
storage environments. It can help reduce the effort of managing complex storage
infrastructures, improve storage capacity utilization, and improve administration efficiency.
IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center allows you to respond to on demand storage needs and
brings together, in a single point, the management of storage devices, fabric, and data.
TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.1 is a rewrite of previous versions. This IBM Redbook
shows you how to access the functions as compared to the previous releases.
This IBM Redbook is intended for administrators and users who are installing and using IBM
TotalStorage Productivity Center. It provides an overview of the product components and
functions. It describes the hardware and software environment required and provides a step-
by-step installation procedure. Customization and usage hints and tips are also provided.
This book is not a replacement for existing IBM Redbooks™ or product manuals that detail
the implementation and configuration of individual products that make up the IBM
TotalStorage Productivity Center, or the
products as they may have been called in previous
versions. We refer to those books as appropriate throughout this book.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by specialists from around the world working at the International
Technical Support Organization (ITSO), San Jose Center. The book was completed in two
phases. The team pictures are shown in on this page and on page xiv.
From left to right: Massimo, Marta, Tom , and Mary
xiv IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center: The Next Generation
From left to right: Hartmut, Stefan, and Werner
Mary Lovelace is a Consulting IT specialist at the International Technical Support
Organization. She has more than 20 years of experience with IBM in large systems, storage
and Storage Networking product education, system engineering and consultancy, and
systems support. She has written many redbooks on TotalStorage Productivity Center and
z/OS® storage products.
Tom Conway is an Infrastructure Architect in the United States of America. He has 16 years
of experience in the Open Systems Infrastructure field. He joined IBM in 2001 and became
the Chief Engineer of the IBM Global Services SAN Interoperability Lab at the IBM National
Test Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His areas of expertise include Open Systems server
hardware, operating systems, networking, and storage hardware and software, including the
IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center. He is an IBM Certified Professional Server Expert.
Werner Eggli is a Senior IT Specialist with IBM Switzerland. He has more than 20 years
experience in Software Development, Project Managment and Consulting concentrating in
the Telecommunication Segment. Werner joined IBM in 2001 and works in presales as a
Storage SE for Open Systems. His expertise is the design and implementation of IBM
Storage Solutions (ESS/FAStT/LTO/NAS/SAN/SVC). He holds a degree in Dipl.Informatiker
(FH) from Fachhochschule Konstanz, Germany.
Marta Greselin is an IT specialist working for IBM Software Group in Italy. She joint IBM in
1999. Her role is Technical Sales Support in Tivoli®. She has seven years of experience in
selling and implementing Proof of Concept scenarios for Storage Management software
solutions both in Tivoli and TotalStorage Open Software. She holds a degree in Physics from
Università Statale di Milano. Her area of expertise include IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM
TotalStorage Productivity Center, IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller, IBM
TotalStorage SAN File System.
Hartmut Harder is an IT Specialist based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Before joining IBM in 1985
he ompleted his education as a certified engineer of electronics. He started with IBM ITS
Delivery as a Hardware Specialist for Large System customers. In his more than 20 years of
IT experience, he has been working two thirds of this time in several areas of Systems
Management software products like Tivoli Framework,Tivoli Monitoring,Software Distribution

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