Chapter 7. CIMOM installation and customization 293
As an example of exploiting SMI-S for switch monitoring, we focus our tests on two McDATA
switches available. McDATA, as Brocade, is providing an proxy CIM Agent to connect to its
In order to manage McDATA fabric using SMI-Specifications V1.1, we need the software
component mentioned on this site:
At the time of writing, this is McDATA SMI-S Interface:
The McDATA SMI-S Interface is a software product that provides support for the SMI-S for
McDATA director and switch products. McDATA SMI-S Interface provides an SMI-S interface
for management of McDATA products. It exposes a WBEM (specifically, CIM XML) interface
for management.
7.8.1 Planning the installation
These are the planning considerations we suggest you think through before installing the
SMI-S Interface.
The McDATA SMI-S Interface solution requires the hardware and software described in the
following sections.
Table 7-1 lists the switch hardware supported for this release of McDATA SMI-S Interface and
the minimum levels of firmware required by the hardware.
Table 7-1 Supported Hardware
The McDATA SMI-S Interface, version 1.1, implementation supports the following operating
system (OS) platforms:
Windows 2000, with Service Pack 2 or higher
Solaris 9
Manufacturer Product Minimum Firmware Supported
McData ED-5000 Firmware version 4.1
Intrepid 6064 EOS version 7.0
Intrepid 6140 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 3016 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 3032 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 3216 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 3232 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 4300 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 4500 EOS version 7.0
Sphereon 4700 EOS version 7.0
Intrepid 10000 E/OSn version 6.3

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