Chapter 9. Topology viewer 423
9.1.5 Layout
The primary launch point for the Topology Viewer is the standard navigation area on the left
side, for example the node tree, of the TotalStorage Productivity Center interface.
The Topology Viewer provides several views of the environment. Each of the views is split
into two synchronized views of the environment. Two subviews are displayed in the Topology
Viewers panel, they are:
Graphical Topology View displayed in the upper part of the panel
Tabular View displayed in the lower part of the panel
The Graphical and Tabular subviews are displayed together as one view and are always
synchronized, they both display the same entities. Changes in one subview will update the
other one and vice versa.
After launching the Topology Viewer the top-level view is always open. If multiple views are
open, only one is displayed in the panel. Each view creates its own Tab as shown in
Figure 9-13. By selecting one of the Tabs you can quickly switch between the single views.
Figure 9-13 Topology Viewer Panel layout
Graphical View
Essentially the Graphical View displays visual renderings of the environment with icons,
boxes, and lines showing the entities and their logical and physical connections spatially.
Graphical View is a visual and spatial rendering of the entities and their relationship to
each other in the environment. Entities in the environment are rendered as icons with labels.
Groups of entities are rendered as boxes with labels. Depending on whether the group is
collapsed or expanded, the individual entities in the group are visible, or a summary of the
group's content is provided. Logical and physical connections among entities are rendered on
demand as lines connecting the relevant entities or groups of entities. The advantage of the
graphical view is that relationships among entities can be rendered spatially allowing users to
spatially map the environment and orient themselves for their tasks.
Note: Overlay settings are not persistent, therefore you have to activate them for each
session. Performance overlays are only visible on the detailed level, which is the L2 view.

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