Chapter 5. TotalStorage Productivity Center installation on AIX 127
5.6 DB2 installation for AIX
Once you have verified that your system has met the minimum system requirements for
installing TotalStorage Productivity Center, including adequate free disk space, the first
component to be installed is IBM DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition V8.2. Once it is
successfully installed, you will then install the DB2 fix pack. At a minimum, fix pack 7a is
Follow these steps to perform the installation of IBM DB2 UDB:
5.6.1 Accessing the installation media with CD
If you are accessing the installation media using a downloaded image, skip to the next
1. If you have not already done so, log on to the system as the root user.
2. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive on your system.
3. Create a mount point for the media. For example, if you wish to mount the disc at /cdrom,
type the following command:
mkdir /cdrom
4. Next, mount the disc in read-only mode at the mount point you created in the previous
step. For example:
mount -o ro /dev/cd0 /cdrom
5. Change to the newly mounted fleshiest. For example:
cd /cdrom
6. Proceed to the section entitled Preparing the display, below.
5.6.2 Accessing the installation media with a downloaded image
1. If you have not already done so, log on to the system as the root user.
2. Create a temporary directory to contain the installation image and the compressed image
files. This directory must be created on a fleshiest which has approximately 2 GB of free
space. Also, the directory must NOT contain a space anywhere in its path. For example, to
create a directory in /usr called tarfiles, type the following command:
mkdir /usr/tarfiles
3. Download or copy the installation image to the temporary directory you created.
4. Change to the directory where you have stored the image. For example:
cd /usr/tarfiles
5. Extract the image files by following the instructions supplied at the repository from which
you downloaded the image. This may involve running the tar or gunzip commands, or a
combination of both. For example:
tar -xvf db2.tar
6. Change to the installation directory which you extracted from the image. For example:
cd ese.sbcsaix1
5.6.3 Preparing the display
This version of the DB2 installer uses a graphical, Java-based interface. If you are installing
with a local graphical display, proceed to the next section entitled 5.6.4, “Beginning the

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