Chapter 6. Agent deployment 201
Figure 6-4 TotalStorage Productivity Center server agent infrastructure
The Tivoli Agent Manager can be installed on the same server as the TotalStorage
Productivity Center Server or can run on a different machine (for example, larger installations
or in cases where an Tivoli Common Agent Services infrastructure is already in place). The
Tivoli Agent Manager is installed in a separate step with its own installer. The installation is
discussed in detail in 4.6.1, “Agent Manager installation for Windows” on page 83 .
The Tivoli Common Agent, which has to be present on each managed computer as the
container for the Data Agent and Fabric Agent, is installed during the TotalStorage
Productivity Center Agent installation with the TotalStorage Productivity Center Installer, and
is discussed in detail in the subsequent sections.
6.3 Agent deployment options
There are two ways of deploying the Tivoli Common Agent and the TotalStorage Productivity
Center Data and Fabric Agent. You can choose between local installation and remote
installation. If you decide for local installation, you can either install the agents interactively or
perform a unattended (silent) installation. Remote installation can only be performed
6.3.1 Local installation
Local installation means that you must be logged on to the computer on which you want to
install the agent code. You can install the Data Agent and the Fabric Agent in any order and
you can install them both at one time. In any case, the TotalStorage Productivity Center
Installer will check if there is a Tivoli Common Agent already installed. If not, TotalStorage
Productivity Center installs this component.
You can perform the local installation process either interactively, using a GUI or in
unattended (silent) mode. This is useful in cases where you have to script the installation or
where you do not have access to the GUI (for example, telnet access only).
Tivoli Common Agent
S u b a g e n t s
Data Agent
Fabric Agent
IBM TotalStorage
Productivity Center
Agent Manager
Authentication and
authorization services
native Protocol
Central TPC
Agent Registration
Port 9550
Port 9549
Port 9510

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