Chapter 8. Component software installation 193
As you can see, the lines above start two scheduler processes. The first is to
intercept schedules coming from the server for the backup archive client, which
should back up all but DB2 databases. The second scheduler will only intercept
the scheduled command for the DB2 client, as a second stanza in the dsm.sys
file being referenced by the client.
8.4.6 ITSM installation on the blade servers
With the IBM Web Infrastructure Orchestration offering, all blades are build from
the Management Server (what we called the WIP server). The blade server with
DB2 installed comes standard with the offering but its image is not automatically
The B/A client preinstalled on the blade servers is not automatically configured.
You should be experienced with ITSM and able to register the node on the ITSM
server to perform all the necessary administrative tasks to connect the client on
the blade with the ITSM server on the WIP management server. On the client,
you should create and modify the correct options of the dsm.opt and dsm.sys (if
this is a Linux blade server), install the scheduler service, and automate the
backup. Due to the extensive number of variables in the environment, the
customization and definition of those backup clients cannot be done
automatically. If necessary, they should be modified manually by an experienced
ITSM person.
8.5 Installing the Tivoli monitoring solution
This section describes the installation of the Tivoli Management software
required to monitor the HTTP and WebSphere Application Servers deployed in
this solution. It describes the minimum steps required to install the monitoring
solution. It does not go into extensive detail concerning Tivoli Framework design
and architecture for enterprise systems management. For more information,
consult the appropriate documentation, which can be found in PDF format on the
distribution media.
8.5.1 Installing Tivoli Management Framework V4.1
For more detailed information, see the Tivoli Management Installation Guide
V4.1, Chapter 3: “Installing a Tivoli Server.
1. Insert the Tivoli Management Framework (1 of 2) CD into the CD-ROM drive.
2. Run run the SETUP.EXE command located in the root of the drive. The
Welcome window is displayed.
3. Click Next. The License Agreement window is displayed.

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