JMX in WebSphere Application Server

In WAS V5, all runtime components are instrumented as MBeans, which correspond to the instrumentation layer in the JMX architecture. WAS V5 implements a JMX MBean server in each WAS process, corresponding to the JMX agent layer. At the distributed services layer, WAS V5 supports two types of connectors—RMI/IIOP and SOAP/HTTP(S)—which provide administrative client access to server resources.

WAS management function is achieved using JMX. The administrative clients that you are familiar with (wsadmin and the admin console) are simply clients of the WAS JMX infrastructure. In essence, WAS management, under the covers, boils down to using JMX MBeans. WAS V5.x implements over 70 MBeans.[2] The documentation for ...

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