320 WCTME: Application Development and Case Study
򐂰 OSGi plug-in
򐂰 WinCEOSGi plug-in
򐂰 SyncML DM plug-in
򐂰 Nokia OMA DM plug-in
򐂰 Palm OS plug-in
򐂰 Sharp Linux Zaurus plug-in
򐂰 Sony Ericsson P900 plug-in
򐂰 Windows CE plug-in
򐂰 Windows 32-bit plug-in
The available job types for OSGi devices consist of the following types:
Bundle control performs actions on OSGi bundles as start, stop, uninstall or
update bundles.
Command script runs SyncML commands to perform operations on target
devices or to return device information.
Custom command builds a free-form command.
Device configuration changes device configuration parameters.
Inventory collection:collects hardware and software information from devices.
Node discovery finds all subnodes on the target device from a starting node in
the SyncML DM tree.
Software distribution distributes OSGi bundles to target devices.
Software list update provides a list of available software that is registered in
the Device Manager database.
Software removal removes OSGi bundles form target devices.
11.2.2 OSGi Agent
The OSGi Agent resides on the device. The OSGi Agent is responsible for
executing the commands sent by the Device Management Server. The Client
connects and interacts with the Device Management Server using the
SyncML/DM protocol and is part of the WCTME framework. The OSGi Agent
need not be connected to the server all the time. When the agent connects, the
server identifies the client and executes the jobs pending for this device.
11.2.3 Device Manager database
The Device Manager database is a relational database that stores all the device
management information. This database stores device-specific information,
including the jobs for the devices. The Device Manager database is created with
all the necessary tables, views and queries.

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