Chapter 11. Device management 331
Figure 11-13 Job progress summary
11.3.2 Software removal for OSGi bundles
With the software removal job, you can remove software that was distributed as
OSGi bundles and, optionally, remove any other bundles that only the recently
unistalled bundled was using. This job does not update the device software
inventory in the Device Manager server. To update the Device Manager server,
you have to run an inventory collection job for this device.
In this section, we create a software removal job for all the OSGi devices that
removes a specific bundle.
To create a software distribution job, perform the following steps:
1. In the Device Manager console, right-click Jobs and select Submit Job.
2. Select the following options in the Target Devices window:
Device class: OSGi.
Query: All OSGi Devices
Owner group: select an option if you want.
Select if the job is for enrolling or already enrolled users. This example is
for currently enrolled devices.
Click Next.
3. Select Software Removal as the job type. Enter adequate dates for
activation and expiration fields, priority and a description for the package.
Click Next. See Figure 11-14 on page 332.
332 WCTME: Application Development and Case Study
Figure 11-14 Attributes
4. Click Add Step (Figure 11-15 on page 333), select Uninstall or Uninstall
deep as Action. Then select the bundle to be removed (for this example, the
OSGi bundle distributed in “Creating a software distribution job” on page 326).
Click Next.
Chapter 11. Device management 333
Figure 11-15 Software to be removed
5. Review the job summary. and click Ok.
6. You will be shown a job submission status. Click Close.
7. The job has been created successfully. To see the job, click the Jobs tab,
select Return Anything and click OK. See Figure 11-16 on page 334.

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